How to run PCT with Test Cyp/EQ?

  1. How to run PCT with Test Cyp/EQ?

    I plan on doing 14 weeks of Test Cyp with 12 weeks of EQ. Below is my cycle and I'm running Nolva for PCT. I am working with Dave Palumbo and will be running EOD Equipoise so don't try to question it.

    Weeks 1-14 Test Cyp @ 250mg 2x a week
    Weeks 1-12 EQ @ 100mg EOD
    Weeks ?-? Nolva @ 40 40 20 20

    When should I start Nolva?

  2. start pct week 16. its a long cycle so i would also suggest getting either some HCG or a 2ndary test booster such as Post Cycle Support by anabolic innovations.

    also the EQ only needs once a week injections.. 500mg once a week is perfect. EOD is not needed whatsoever as the halflife is around 19-20 days

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