Is this recipe possible?

  1. Is this recipe possible?

    4 AD : 10gr
    1Tcyp: 3gr
    1,4 AD: 3gr
    19 Nor: 4gr
    Oil: 60ml
    Ba: 5ml
    Bb: 20ml

    Should yield per ml:
    4 AD : 100mg
    1Tcyp: 30mg
    1,4 AD: 30mg
    19 Nor: 40mg

    Think this would be painful?

  2. For an injectable or trans? If injectable, I would only mix 2PH/PS per vial, and can still do 1 inject by drawing up half from one, and half from another.

    I'm planning on making my own in this fashion. although, from what I hear, the Nor cyps aren't too great. Only good for real short cycles.

  3. Injection. I've done a transdermal cycle and it yeilded about half the gains of an injectable real gear cycle, i.e. 7lbs. Not bad considering.

    Thought i'd give injectable prohormones a test as well.

    Can you elaborate on the Cyp's being only good for short cycles? Or even give a url for some info on that?


  4. Well, the Nors are the ones that I haven't heard too much on or just not too good. Below is a quote from Edog in a thread not to long ago, when I asked him about how his Nor injects went. I have heard mixed reviews on the 4AD and 4AD cyps. I think if I do one, eventhough 1-test is harsh (still debating) I'll probably just do the 4AD in a trans along side it.

    "The Nordiol Cyps are onyl good for a 3 on 2 off cycle IMHO. They peter out after 2-3 weeks due to enzyme depletion it seems. They are useful if you cycle them correctly though and good gains can be made, but you can't do a straight 8-10 week cycle. I wish it wasn't the case, but I frontloaded and kept using high dosages cuz I have so much of it around. It did about the same as my 600mg 4-AD Cyp cycle, three weeks of nice solid gains and then nothing. I wish I could tell you it ROCKED, but it didn't. As I said though it could make a great year round roid, kind of like the old T-Mag never ending cycle article.


  5. Ahh, thanks for the info.

    Have to wonder just how much this depletion is dose related though. Hmm.

    Low dose, takes longer to deplete maybe. So instead of a large Nor-cyp cycle, my (hopefully) synergistic stack may work.



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