1-test.....fuc&*$# lethargy

  1. 1-test.....fuc&*$# lethargy

    I just have to say it, i love 1-test but i hate the ****ing tiredness i get when im on it. I could get such good gains if i upped the dosage but the more you take the more tired you get.****..

  2. I used caffine from a diet soda or two a day (a long with ~2 gallons of water) when I used t1pro to cut at the medium dosage a while ago. You might also want to look into PowerTrain by Legal Gear.

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  3. At the **Lost Your Mind** dose of T-1 Pro (original formula) I tended to be in the zombie state 24/7. But it was okay because I got to be a lazy bum and sleep a lot. If I needed to stay awake though, I found ECA's and 20'ozers of Mt. Dew did the trick for a good 4 hours, before my next nap

    Just look on the bright side, you'll definitely get enough sleep, so don't worry about that variable affecting your training.

  4. Yes, It can be a bitch, especially if you're using it (1-test)alone. So bump on MB's advice. Thats why it always helps to run it with 4ad. You can also use ECA, caffine pills or soda/coffee to help with that.

  5. caffeine does work for me but i am currently trying to kick that habit. I had been taking caffeine for years(vivarin). i mean like two a day for probably the last ten years. I fear this will come back at me when im older so im trying to drop it now. The plan was to get off the caffeine alltogether and then only when im going to workout i could take some to give me the energy i need. im almost off completely. been weaning myself off of it slowly. oh yeah one last thing, if a doctor or someone tells you that your cholesterol is high but not to worry about it because your young, tell them to **** off. If it is high you dont want to deal with it when your 60 do you?no, deal with it now.

  6. so your like me, naturally lethargic. Im always tired no matter how much I sleep or what stims I take. The only thing that works for me is to stay active. I can go nonstop for 6 hours in the gym as long as I keep moving. I actually did a Nautilus Tri-athalon for charity at my gym. 8 hours of bikeing, rowing and running all broken up evenly. That was about a year ago and I managed to bring in about $7000 for that but I actually like it. An indoor triathalon, cant beat it. A.C., people catering to you while you competeing. Needless to say I was nowhere near the best,(damn spinners can ****ing make up some serious ground on those machines).

    Same thing goes while on the 1-test. Once I got to the gym and started working out I was good as new. It was just the getting there was the hard part.

    Deal wit it.


  7. Running it with 4-ad is always a good idea. But at higher doses of 1-test you can't get rid of the lethargy with anything.. It suck I get it bad as well.. Just stay motivated in the gym . Who cares about work TTY
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  8. You could bring in more 4AD or straight ephedra pills

  9. Def go with a lil more 4-ad or try some power train, check out the reviews on it if you havent yet...

  10. thanks, theres already 4ad in it so its helping a little bit. I will take a look at the powertrain supp and i will def train hard when i get to the gym, its just gettin there.

  11. I never have any problems...so strange the body is young Jedi.


  12. this is not the best thing to promote, however rytalin would probably help in your situation.

  13. I worry about the possible heart side effects with Ritalin and steroidal compounds. I am on ritalin by the way and take a lot to reduce stroke risk from the combination.


  14. I'm a naturally lethargic person aswell. I drink a 6 pack of pepsi a day to keep me awake while i'm on 1-Test/4-Ad.

    The positives outnumber the negatives imo though, lol so stick with it and fight through the damn tiredness, bro!! You'll thank yourself later.

  15. i dont think im going to try ritalin. I may actually reduce my dosage just a little bit and then i should be fine. I have been staying in bed longer on my days off also and that seems to help alot also. more sleep means less tired...what a coincidence.


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