1. EST Methyl Mass HELP ON STACK

    heres what i plan on doing, also i chose EST Methyl Mass becuase of it is very very mild. if any one has any suggestions please let me know.
    my main question is what do i need to take as far as a pct and liver support, i have heard you dont need to but i want to be very safe.
    This is what i have came up with thus far...
    also let me know if i am still risking taking this becuase i really dont want to take a real PH and i heard this is as far from a ph as it can really be.

    -EST Methyl Mass (pre work out)
    DAYS 10-55

    - Anabolic Innovations Life Support
    DAYS 1-55

    -animal M stak
    DAYS 10-70

    -anabolic pump
    DAYS 10-70

    As far as a PCT i think im going to use anobolic inovations PCT.

    let me know if this looks good or if i even need any PCT or liver support at all becuase of the low levels of this PH.

  2. That should work well i would also get a cortisol product for pct which you would start on the 15th day of pct
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  3. Methyl Mass has only the 3-OHAT metabolite of 6-OXO as its active. It does not contain the progestin( 12-ethyl-3-methoxy-gona-diene), so it probably a poor choice as a first PH, since its not even a PH. 6-OXO is actually the PH to 3-OHAT.

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