hey guys,

i haven't taken any prohormones or steroids and don't know if i will.

here is my situation, I have been lifting for over 17 years so i have some experience.

I had an allergy shot for hayfever with some sort of steroid type compoud but not annabolic steroids. I watched the doctor measure out 5mL of a milky fluid and inject it in my butt. this was several years ago.

that same week, my bench went up 30 lbs. (from 185 to 215) and incline up 20 lbs. (from 145 to 165). I also felt like **** because i hadn't gotten any sleep that whole week.

I have always been hypersensitive to vitamins, drugs, etc.

I don't think i could tolerate the amount you guys use, any have any idea what kind of dosages i would be looking at?