1. recovery

    okay i just made an order at the store and at massnutrition, so you guys better respond hehe j/k

    anyway, i hurt my back pretty bad on a dead lift and am hoping t1-pro can speed up my recovery from the injury and get me back into lifting a tad faster. my main question though is, if someone gets a tad of gyno starting can they take nolva and clomid at the same time after recovery? and if you get NO symptoms do you just take clomid to play it safe? was just curious, thx guys

    oh yah, i'm not lifting for a few days till my back is better, and even then i'll start on upper body. i can't believe i did this i just hope it heals quickly, its really sore when sitting/walking/etc

  2. I use Nolva only for post-cycle therapy. Clomid gives me gyno. But YES, you can mix the two with no ill-effects. Despite what the undereducated old-schoolers think, the two substances are nearly identical.

  3. What???????????
    Clomid give you gyno? You say that like your talking about indigestion or something. You have got to be kidding me.

    It's quite clear that this guy has zero knowledge of what he's talking about. Please do some research and see for yourself. Check the sticky's at the top of the forums for more info.


  4. i just hope t1pro helps my back heal right now, this really sucks! i think i'm done doing dead lifts ever. i'll do the leg press or something else instead. this is pathetic, i want in the damn gym, but i can't go like this

  5. I know, it's the weirdest thing I've ever seen. After my first cycle, I was using Clomid PROPERLY, and couldn't stop the itching and growth of a lump, even while using Nolva, too. So I stopped the Clomid, used only Nolva, and VIOLA! No more gyno.

    I really wish I could use Clomid. I want the funky loads. LOL.

  6. 1-test will make you heal slower if anything, bad move there

  7. how would it make me heal slower? i figured anything that pumps up the muscle and makes it stronger (like a roid) would help it heal? either way i'll use it on a cycle after, but i'm wondering why it wouldn't help?

  8. i know this isn't exactly the right place to post this probably, but anyway is there anything that might help it heal? would no2 since it helps blood flow? there has to be soemthing besides roids that help a muscle recover/heal, that you injured, a tad faster.

    pls help, this BITES. i have put months into getting into shape and now i'm gonna lose it off an injury

  9. I would make you heal slower because the muscle would get the nutrients at a faster rate... at least that is what I see could happen.
    Don't worry about bouncing back after an injury.. you muscle remember and they will let you move as quick as you will let them.. the trick here is not to move to fast or you will reinjury the back again.. and trust me, experience talking here, you don't want to keep hurting the back.. I am looking at the real possiblity of surgery on my back because of a degreated disc.. and it reallly sucks..

  10. i've had a bad back injury before and am looking at surgury when i get older. after this i'm done with deadlifts completely. i'll do light weight high rep squats and heavy leg extensions, curls, and leg press. i just want to get back at it this stinks!

    i thought getting the nutrients at a faster rate would make me heal faster?


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