Jw/epi Pct?

  1. Jw/epi Pct?

    After a few runs of pulsing I want to do a full cycle of epi. I react really well to epi pulsing(5-10 Ibs in 4 weeks) and would like to see what a full cycle could give. There is a lot of discussions abous PCS being enough for an epi cycle but I wont gamble. Either way I would like to keep my PCT as light as possible. I have Nolva and ralox and some clomid. I would like to run Ralox because of the mildness. Wouls much appreciate any input on the matter,

    JW 3ed 4w
    Epi(Epidrol or epistane, have both but people talk about tren and epistane whats that all about?)
    20/20/20/20(might bump to 30 last 1-2 weeks)
    Support: Liv 52, omega-3, policosanol etc etc

    PCS: 4ed
    Nolva 20/20/10/10?
    Ralox 60/60/60/60 clomid 50 mg's first week

    Atd: 25/25/50/50

    Any thoughts??


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