Need advice ASAP

  1. Need advice ASAP

    Did my first injection of test e on sunday and mid monday my glute hurt like a mutha phuka. I checked the injection site and I have a bump there then a thin line leading to another small bump which are very hard. Is this normal, should I still do my second injection tomorrow and could it be fake gear? I've also been feeling a little sick today woke up feeling nauseous. Any help would be appreciated

  2. Anybody?

  3. a lump at the injection site is very normal, how much did you inject into one site? If you feel sick that is probably test flu, very common to get a the beginning of a cycle. test flu = flu-like symptoms that last for a c ouple of days. should not keep occuring on every injection. and is it fake? well how does it look is the bottle legit, have a professional looking label? whats the name of the lab? is the bottle clear or amber/brown.

  4. site will be sore if u do anything over 250 in 1 shot or if ur gear is bunk. did u do the taste test?

  5. Its international pharmaceuticals the vile is clear its test e 250 but at the bottom it says 280mg 1.15ml. Whats bunk and how is it suppose to taste? I also try rubbing it in now its 1 big lump I think ima go to the doc and have checked out before I continue

  6. Might not be a bad idea....

    I've run Test E @ 250mg and the only real issue i';ve had was a tender asskfrom the injection site... Aside from that, never had any lumps, swelling, etc....

    BE SURE to do a VERY good job cleaning everything! Be sure to also switch out the needle from the one used to pull the fluid....

    Aside from that, i'm not sure what to tell ya! Hope it gets better and worst case scenario go see a doctor....

  7. did you aspirate when you injected? you may have hit a vein. Oh and test hurts! the first time i injected into my quad I thought somethin was really wrong as well, but u have to realize what your doing is unatural, your body needs to adjust to it. if you did everything right then you prob be okay, if your not sure if you did everything right then you could have an abscess or somthin worse, if doesnt go away in the next couple of days id se a doc

  8. also be careful about the doc, if he suspects your using steroids or have a pre-existing problem and reports that to your insurance company..... thats bad news

  9. Just got back from the docs and i got an infection. they said it could've been bacteria from the skin or something in the vile. So im gonna be antibiotics for the next ten days if it gets worse they'll have to cut it open and drain it out but if I'm fine by next week I'm thinking of trying it again but in my delt this time after a shower. And yes I pretty much did everything right. So what do you guys think of me starting over in a week and a half if everythings fine?

  10. How did u clean everything when injecting?!

    Were you sure to wash hands... clean with alcohol pads (the top of the bottle)... wipe down the injection site VERY VERY VERY well... use a different needle than the one used to inject.....etc etc?

  11. My friend actually did the injection and no he did not clean the vile I did wipe the injection site with an alcohol swab and put a new needle in before injecting

  12. def clean the bottle, also did you wait for the alchol on the injection site to dry b4 injecting?

  13. Nope didn't clean the bottle and did not let the injection site dry before injecting

  14. pm me for a good site that really shows how to inject safely if you want

  15. I actually tried injecting my cousin doing everything right this time and he's just as ****ed up as me so it is definately the stuff. There goes a couple hundred down the drain and my first cycle all ****ed up! It was hard enough to get my wife to be okay with me doing this not its really gonna be hard to convince her to let me try it again. I'm so ****ing pissed off!


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