M-Drol Experiment

  1. M-Drol Experiment

    First a little background on myself,

    I would first like to give you a little background on my supplement experience before I go into my M-drol experiment. I have used your typical protein shakes, glutamine and creatine no xplode v12 Fat burning supps etc. I am not ashamed to tell you that I was one of those retards in high school that wanted to get "huge" and I cycled with 1-AD and did not us a PCT. I was lucky I did a 3 week cycle and saw enourmous gains, my testicles did get somewhat smaller but not a big deal and after the cycle I did lose some gains (no pct) but it was still a good experience, luckily after that I joined the NCAA and was unable to do anymore prohormones because they tested before I could do serious damage to myself.

    Now that I have just mentioned the NCAA I would like to give you a bit of my athletic background. I was a pretty good high school 3 sport athlete but I excelled at football. I was fortunate enough to be recruited to play at the D1-AA level in an Ivy league institution where as you all may know it is illegal to use many kinds of supplements. At my best shape i weighed in at 255 and was 12% body fat, however at my strongest i was weighing 275 with 18% body fat. This is where I got into the traditional legal supplements and really enjoyed them. While in school I started to do a little reading about steroids and what not because I wanted to know what they did to your body.

    Now I will take you to where I am today. After my senior year of football in college I let myself go big time, stopped working out and running for about a year and ballooned up to about 315. In the past three months I have been lifting and working out again and now I am back down to 305. My diet is not awful but it is certainly not that of a health freak, I am still too used to being able to eat a lot because I was just gonna be forced to run my balls off anyways.

    Now on to the M-drol experience. This will be my first PH since the 1-AD dibacle in high school. M-drol is a Superdrol clone which is a very potent PH that is similar to the steroid Masteron. M-drol is a dry muscle builder and it does not aromatize estrogen while on the cycle (still kind of a noob forgive me if I said that wrong you all know what I mean). Because M-drol is an OTC drug I wanted to see what would happen with a cycle that used only M-drol. I understand the cholesterol risks and liver risks associated with this as well as the lethargy risks if I do not get enough carbs, I just want to see how serious this stuff is on its own call me crazy but I do. Also for my PCT i will be using the SNS PCT stack, because it is OTC. I know a SERM is likely the best option for something like this but do not worry if crap hits the fan a SERM is something I will not have any trouble attaining. For the past month I have cycled 6-oxo just because I figured it cannot hurt to get my natural Test as high as I possibly could before the M-drol cycle. Also I have been squatting twice a week because anyone who is a lifter knows the squat is a great way to build natural test and not too mention speed your metabolism. For my actual M-drol Cycle I will be doing the recommended 10/20/20 with an option for a 4th week at 10 or 20 depending on how I feel, If I am not feeling it I will just PCT then. I will use the PCT at the recommended doses for 4-6 weeks again depending on how I feel and then I will give myself atleast 4 weeks drug free. The only side that I am worried about is the delayed gyno that is associated with M-drol. The other sides I know are bad and you may all think I am nuts for nto doing anything to combat them but you have to remember I am 300 pounds and the recommended doses are at 200 pounds meaning I am really only using 2/3 of what would be recommended for me. As far as my diet goes I will be eating more wheat based products but I do not want to change it too much because I want to see the effects of M-drol all by itself. I will absolutely stop the cycle and go to a serm immediatly if anything gets out of line or I do not like what is happening to my body. I do not hope for too many sides but some sides would be ok with me to show the youngins in here that cycling the wrong way will adversly effect you and I am 23 imagine what can happen to you if your are still in developement. I really just do not want to develope Gyno but I have done PH before without even pcting and I never noticed anything in my tits. I have done a lot of drugs in my life and my body usually knows how to roll with the punches. Let me know what you all think about this little experiment and do not worry about me, I will not die. I am open to suggestions but the biggest thing I want to accomplish is using M-drol by itself to see the theraputic and side effects.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by sideshow83 View Post
    First a little background on myself,
    I am not ashamed to tell you that I was one of those retards in high school that wanted to get "huge" and I cycled with 1-AD and did not us a post cycle therapy.
    Made the same mistake, except I DID get the gyno. Biggest **** up i've ever made health wise. Just be careful man, SERM it up if you so choose...You got lucky last time, might not be so lucky this time.

  3. I got gyno from CEL M-drol too.. So i don't buy that this is anything like Masteron.. Have a serm ready or you might regret it. :P

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