the antidepressant effect of roids/prohormone

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    the antidepressant effect of roids/prohormone

    i've always wondered about this since i did my first cycle so i thought this would be a good forum to ask... just for a little background i'm a pretty anxious guy, i have a lot of social anxietys and low self confidence which brings on depression in my life. now ive tried all the antidepressants zoloft/lexapro/prozac/paxil etc and none of them worked.... so i dont wanna hear about all that, plus im an ex-drug addict so i know all about psychoactive drugs. anyways... the only thing that ever seemed to work for me was the steroids. everytime i would do a cycle my self confidence would be boosted through the roof, id be able to do simple things like look people in the eye when i talk to them. id also feel much less anxiety when talking to people, i just didnt care about talking anymore...and i was super cocky.

    my question was do steroids work in the brain much like antidepressants and do something chemically to help your mentality? or is it "all in ur head" and just because you physically look bigger u feel more confident?

    hit me back guys thanks

  2. hmm I'm the same way, but I've found that my cycle of havoc, (of which i only have a couple days left) has worsened my anxiety in some ways. I have had crazy mood swings and I still can't look people in the eye when I talk to them.

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