Starting first cycle in two weeks..Check me out

  1. Starting first cycle in two weeks..Check me out

    Starting first cycle in two weeks..Check me out


    Never used a ph before. Picked up some m-drol...thought long and hard and decided to go get something a little milder. So I gonna start with P-plex. Starting Life Cycle tonight for two weeks pre cycle. Should I start with 30mg or 15 of the p-plex for the first week or two?. Planning on just going three weeks of cycle.. So heres my PCT(might be overkill but want to be prepared for ANYTHING). I picked up some Clomid,Aromoasin(sp) and some letrozole(I was at first gonna run m-drol). Also have a bottle of mycogenx. Hows this for dosing.
    week1- 100mg clomid-25 aromasin 4-6 caps mycogenx
    week 2-same
    week 3- same except cut clomid to 50mg
    week 4 same as week 3.
    Id appreciate any advice you all can give me. Ive read alot and it seems like everyone has a diff routine. Im going to run clomid because my bf is about 16-17 and Im worried about Gyno. I know it is rare with p-plex but I just dont want to take any chances. Im 36 and have been working out hard for about 6 years. Thanks again.

  2. looks fine. start at 15mg. but how big are you? the PCT should be fine as well.

  3. 6'0 195-205
    33 waist
    just got freakin internal ab fat thats been there for years that"viscreal" cardio..dropping bf 1 percent about every 45-60 days.
    Just worried my pct might have too much in it. I just decided that the research chems might keep estogen away and test back to normal quicker for optimal gains. Started Cycle support by AI today. Looks to have all the support supps I need. Do you think this shoud suffice? Thanks

  4. yeah, the Post cycle looks kind of like a little more than might be needed but i dont think its gonna be a problem. Maybe start out at 12.5mg aromasin first, it tends to do the job at that dose, even EOD. You wont have to worry much on the estrogen rebound until you start to lower the SERM dose anyway. You can run the AI inverse to the SERM so ramp up when the SERM ramps down and since its a suicide inhibitor rebound shouldnt be a problem.

    Are you using CEL's Pplex?
    WEre you going to do 3 week or 4 week cycle?
  5. thanks for the input

    so you rec going up to 25mg of aromasin in week 3 (from 12.5mg)and bring the Clomid down to about 50mg? Ideally would I need to ramp down the clomid even more for the last week of pc (say 25mg)?
    week 1
    100 mg CLo
    12.5 Aro
    week 2 same
    week3 and 4
    50mg clo
    25mg aro
    I thought of running just three weeks... If I heard of more benefits from people on a 4 week cycle Id def do it.I do really want to make the most out of it since Ive invested a Shi#load of cash in post cycle therapy and cycle support. So the 4th week might be an option if there would be any gains out of it and not a crapload of sides(would really not to be taking a serm or ai dosing during cycle to rid sides. Speaking of if gyno were to develop I do have some letro I planned on taking during or after cycle if needed(2.5mg) lets hope not. Yes I have both 180 caps of CEL M-DROL and CEL P-PLEX. Thought Id try to run the superdrol(M-DRol) later in the year. Or maybe doing a p-plex 2.5 week run with a 2.5 week run of m-drol. Kinda depends how this 1st cycle works out for me. Man i really appreciate the input.

  6. run it for 4 or 5 weeks to get your money's worth out of the cycle. You are right, if you are gonna suppress your HPTA and go thru PCT anyway, you mind as well take it for what you can get imo, esp with a PCT lined up like the one you have.

  7. Thanks for the advice...Probably go with a solid 4 week run. So ramping up the ai is the way to go? Just want to make it simple.

  8. 100mg clo/ 12.5 asin
    100mg clo/ 12.5 asin
    50mg clo/ 25 asin
    25mg clo???/25 asin
    12.5 asin

  9. Thinking about running some eform with this cycle. Would this really have any benefit for mass gains. Also wondering how it might effect my pct since I am using another AI for PCT. Sounded like a winner with the wet gains of p-plex. Any thoughts?

  10. alot of people like running formestane with a wet compound. I have never used it before so i cant comment. Just look for neoborn and ask him or run some searches....if you are gonna run PP you should just look at all the logs you can on it, your bound to find some guys that ran formestane along side of it.


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