m-drol dosing

  1. m-drol dosing

    what up homies!!!

    i am taking m-drol and plan on doing 4 weeks of 30/30/30/30. my question is should i take 1 pill with breakfeast, 1 preworkout, and 1 b4 bed. OR should i go with 1 pill preworkout and 2 b4 bed?

    thanks! :bb3:

  2. Wrong forum, but I would take 2 morning and 1 twelve hours later.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Big BAMA View Post
    Wrong forum, but I would take 2 morning and 1 twelve hours later.

    oops, my bad. well thank you anyways brother

  4. 30/30/30/30 is an assload of m-drol dude. Really you need to start at 10mg and work your way up. I'd do 10/10/20/20 if you really want to run for 4 weeks. Its got some pretty harsh sides and I'd get my cycle supports and PCT lined up before I start taking any of it.

  5. yeah 4 weeks at 30 would be nothing short of brutal on the sides. people do 10,20,30 and gain 15pounds easily with m-drol i strongly recommend reconsidering your cycle length or dosage



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