Superdrol/Clen/T3 Cycle

  1. Superdrol/Clen/T3 Cycle

    So I'm going to run a 3 week cycle of superdrol and 2 week cycle of both Clen and T3 at

    Week1: 20mg
    Week2: 20mg
    Week3: 20mg

    Day1: 60/50
    Day2: 80/50
    Day3: 100/75
    Day4: 120/75
    Day5-8 120/100
    Day9: 120/75
    Day10: 120/75
    Day11: 120/50
    Day12: 120/50
    Day13: 120/25
    Day14: 120/25

    I am just not sure when to start the Clen/T3, at the beginning or end?

    I want to use the SD and clen/t3 together to try and get as cut as possible, especially since t3 is highly catabolic.

    O and btw, ON Cycle using AI cycle support, taurine, and LiverCare. PCT using Torem, NOW thyroid energy, zma, and milk thistle.

  2. Personally I would run the clen/t3 at the beginning. Then week three start some 7-oxo to help your thyroid regain normal function. I believe Superdrol kicks in relatively fast so you shouldn't have to worry about muscle loss to a great degree.

    IME t3 was not been that catabolic for me up to 100mcg when I was on an m1t cycle. Any more and you could be pushing it. Just monitor how you feel/look.

  3. So what was your diet and cardio like when you did m1t+clen/t3?

    SD is suppose to love carbs, but that will minimize my fat loss. I guess I have to have a happy medium with how much muscle I want to gain and how muscle fat I want to lose.

  4. Definitely tailor calories to your goals. Personally I see no point in putting all those chemicals in your body and not do a full on cut. If this is your first cycle it may be possible to net some quality weight and shed some blubber, depending on how strict your diet and workout schedule is.

    My cycle was back in 05 and I believe that it was somewhere around 40-30-30 at 2200-2500 calories. I had been cruising on the t3 around 25mcg before this then added the M1t and clen. I really felt like sh*t the entire cycle. Lethargy and BP was the main sides. I don't know too much about superdrol and BP but you may want some hawthorn berry in your stack.

    I was happy once PCT was over though. Lost around 10lbs fat and gained a lbl or two of muscle.

  5. So I think I'm going to go around 2250 cal at 55-25-20(p-c-f), to get around 1.6g protein/lb. That comes out to 309g protein, 140g carbs, and 50g fat. Also, Im going to do 10-20 min steady state after each lifting sesh (5 times a week) and then 2 days of 20-25 min HIIT cardio sessions. Do you think this is good enough? Anything you would change?

    And yes, I have AI Cycle Support while ON. And I have done a PP cycle about 2 months ago, fyi.

    So you still had lethargy while on Clen? I usually stop using caffeine while on clen, but do you think it would be a good idea to add 100-200mg pre-workout?

  6. Looks like a decent breakdown to me. Should see good results if you stick with it %100.

    And yes the Clen did little for lethargy. I don't know how long you have been on the scene but m1t made many feel like walking death, then when you throw in 100mcg of t3 workouts are about the only physical thing I wanted to do in a day.

    Superdrols sides are not nearly as bad as m1t from what I've heard. I haven't done a designer cycle since m1t so don't quote me on that.

    You do have Nolva or tamoxifen on hand right?
    Do not start unless you do. Please. Think about the boys!

    Edit: Never mind about the last part. I see you mentioned fareston in the first post. Everything looks good man. Just stick with what you outlined. Log it if you can!


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