Trenbolen By: CTD Labs

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by PhilABowl View Post
    if you get some of the longhandled vice grips, you can probably "pop" whatever it is under there.

    Great advice! I've just been going about this all wrong..

    lol.. this is funny, but I still have gyno.. Dang.. I've got some atd coming soon. I'm tapering off my formestane atm.. Hopefully some decently dosed atd will do the trick.

  2. How about giving your body a rest from supplements to stabalize itself? Instead of supp after supp

  3. Because I still have gyno..

  4. So, this Trenbolen, it aromatizes? Or does it actually increase prolactin like tren does which is what caused gyno symptoms? That can be fixed with vitex...


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