Methyl E by EST, Legit?

  1. Methyl E by EST, Legit?

    This epi clone is awfully cheap. Is it real or a rip off?

  2. EST is pretty reputable, and I've heard good things about Methyl-E specifically..

    and it better be fricking perfect, 'cause I bought 8 bottles.. lol

  3. Freak man, I bought ten! EST totally suckered me into a buying spree this week. Not only did I buy 10 bottles of methyl-e, but also 3 bottles of propadrol! I am fairly confident both of these are going to rock hard though, so w/e.

  4. I was wondering the same thing myself until Aggravated, a reputable bro, gave me the 411. Long story short, it's legit. Here's a link.EST Methyl-e Results

  5. i ran methyl E 40/40/50/60 and i lost 5 lbs.... im a big guy and higher doses work best for me to grow, and all this stuff did was give me nasty burps... i saw no results, infact i got weaker and smaller... a PH my ass

  6. i liked it. when it first came out, i ran it for a board sponser on another board. put on a clean 5 to 6lbs using it by itself.


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