need answers please???

  1. need answers please???

    im currently running a cycle of epiistane i went the first wk 10 a day itl i got to 30 then im in the 3rd wk now and im running at 40mg and libido and sexdive is gone would it be wise to run a test booster aswell until my pcts this is the first cycle iv lost my sex drive on gains are great and strenght is up i wanted to run 5wks but should i just go 4 and hit the pcts????has any one noticed this on epi and wat di you do??

  2. that epi/havoc thread was half helpfull but people say dhea then no and then other things so you dunno wat to do cuz iv never had this problem iv always had a very strong libido i mite run sum dermacrine till the end of my cycle think this idea would be ok?

  3. dermacrine by primordial performance might help

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