Help with Gaspari M-1-T

  1. Help with Gaspari M-1-T

    Hi folks, got a few questions:

    1) I have roughly 50 caps of Gaspari M-1-T with an expiry date of 11/09/07 which I bought a while ago. Apart from the standard M1T toxicity/shut down issues, are these likely to still be viable?

    2) If I decide to use these, I would only go 10mg a day for 25 days (to allow for 2 runs and minimize sides), and include support supps and a full post cycle therapy with tamox, DTHC and an anti-cortisol sup. I will also use AX Trisorbagen during cycle to help get more benefit from this dose and decrease liver toxicity.

    I am also debating which would provide greater benefit while on M1T: transdermal formestane to help reduce estro-sides and some test increase, or;
    Activate Extreme to free up more test and get further benefit from a small M1T dose, and minimize estrogen

    3) Or would it be better to dump the M1T and pick up something newer and "milder".

    Thanks for the help.

  2. I'm sorry bro, but that compound is a nightmare, IMO. I recommend that you drop it, or atleast think about it a bit more.

  3. Never taken it personally, but I have heard plenty of horror stories about it. I would take Matt's advice, but it is your body. Good luck man.

  4. im telling you from personal experience m1t is horrific. sides to gains ratio is not even remotely worth it. get some pheraplex or somethign, anything but m1t

  5. Hepatotoxicity... I really hate that word!

  6. haha yea its a bugout

  7. Thanks for the replies so far guys. I did a few short cycles with it before the ban and saw some good gains. But since I was younger and not as well informed I didnt get any liver values checked during those times.

    The major problem I remember was the severe lethargy. I have been looking at P-Plex recently.

  8. I personally liked M1T alot! Gaspari's was from the same raws as LG's I believe. I had awesome gains, little sides.


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