rhunt000 Basic Mass and Strength Cycle

  1. rhunt000 Basic Mass and Strength Cycle

    Stats: 38 y/o, 6'3" tall, ~230 lbs, bf% ?

    Cycle Length: Test Cyp (TC) 8-10 weeks (will decide @ 8 week mark)
    Dbol 4-6 weeks
    Started LR3IGF1 on 12/13 (should have ~1 1/2 months left at this dosing scheme. Will stop
    and pick it back up during post cycle therapy).

    Cycle Basics:
    On Cycle
    LR3IGF1 (mcg) 50 E3D
    TC (250mg/mL) 500mg/wk
    Dbol (mg) 50/day
    Nolva (mg) 10-20/day
    A-Dex (mg) If needed

    post cycle therapy (start 2 weeks after last inj)
    LR3IGF1 (mcg) 50/day
    Nolva (mg) 20-40/day
    A-Dex (mg) If needed
    Clomid (mg) 50-150/day

    Reason for cycle: I've been lifting consistently now for ~10 years. I've done a couple small cycles (low dose/short time) and had good results. Over the last couple years I tend to get up to ~230-235 lbs eating good and following an 8-10 rep protocol and the gains would slow dramatically. I'd push myself by raising the weight and lowering the weights and a knee or a shoulder or something would set me back. I hope to get over this hump. I went with FlaNutrition in Dec '05 for 8 weeks and learned a lot about nutrition and training. I will be following a lot of these principles.

    Goals: I definitely want to take my strength to a new level. During the 4-6 weeks on Dbol, I will focus on higher weight/lower reps for many basic compound movements. After the 4-6 week mark, I will take the strength gains and focus on the 8-10 rep hypertrophic type workouts with the goal of gaining muscle mass. Volume will be increased over the entire time period (hopefully). Can't really predict how much lbm I would like to gain, but I'd be very happy with a solid 10 lbs with no increase in bf% (noticeable) after the end of post cycle therapy.

    Reasons for cycle choices: TC @ 500mg/week-It is my understanding that Test E/Cyp is a good base for someone in my situation with these goals.
    Dbol @ 50 mg/day-I've done Dbol before and loved it. I handled 30-40 mg/day quite well and I hope 50 mg/day really helps with the strength goals (plus they are 50 mg tabs and it is convenient to take 2 25 mg doses/day). Nolva on cycle-In the past I've gotten little lightning strikes under the right nip and I don't even want to go there. A-Dex available if needed. Nolva/Clomid-obvious reasons for post cycle therapy.

    Current workout schedule:
    Day 1-Chest/Shoulders
    Day 2-Back/Abs
    Day 3-off
    Day 4-Legs
    Day 5-Arms/Abs
    Day 6-off

    Every other workout is the same, they alternate weekly. I will be staying with this workout schedule unless I see the need to change.

    I will keeping a log in the appropriate section.

    Please feel free to critique and/or make suggestions. Today is day 1 for inj and dbol.
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  2. Take the Test C to 10 weeks. Dbol 4-5 weeks at that dose is enough. Nolva everyday on cycle should not be necessary.

    You want to avoid gyno yes, but gains are impaired if you have 0 estrogen.
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  3. Thanks for the info. I will follow that advice.

    I forgot to mention that I have blood work scheduled for Jan 8th and plan to get blood work done every month while on cycle and through PCT.

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