more powder questions

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    more powder questions

    I recently broke my hand, so i have a lto of time which i am planning on researching this but here is what i want to do. . . make winny powder into a liquid which i can take. . . i'm thinking 50mg/ml. What would be best to dissolve this in? any ideas for packaging? I can't really think of a little container i could putthem in so to have it so i coudl spread it out over the course of the day. Thanks.

  2. I'm actually thinking about the same thing for some winny powder. I figure I'll use a 50mg/ml solution with everclear (probably no glycerol though, I don't like that taste). I'm going to reuse a bottle or 2 of liquid clomid I have around, should make it real easy to do. Heat and dissolve the winny in everclear and go I believe, anyone else?

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    everclear teh liquor lol. .. i gave up drinking ever sense i started lifting.

  4. Trust me.. you more than likely will not take up drinking Everclear anytime soon.. that stuff is rough with a capital R

  5. Well.... you don't exactly "drink" everclear, it's more like pour it down your throat and pray!

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  6. I really don't mind the taste of everclear at all, pussies!!!

  7. Im with Weave, you guys are some pussies! *hi fives Weave* If you guys truely dont like the taste of it, ive found that if you drop it on the tip of your tongue, where you have your sweet taste receptors, that will really dilute the taste of the everclear and make it much more bearable. But id like to reiterate the YOU *****S! again...

  8. I admitt it I am a *****.. and I am a light weight when it comes to drinking also

  9. LOL! Also you can cut it with glycerol, but to me that's even worse, like a damn slime

  10. that is true... I don't mind it as a suspension agent.. just not what you call sipping whiskey if you ask me.

  11. Originally posted by jweave23
    Heat and dissolve the winny in everclear and go I believe, anyone else?
    Typically, Everclear, or any other high proof alcohol is going to be the best solvent for oral preparations.  However, some compounds are very difficult to dissolve even in the Everclear.  Under those circumstances some PEG will be capable of dissolving it no problem.  But, as long as you don't go overboard with the concentrations you're trying to obtain it shouldn't be a problem using straight grain alcohol. (151 rum, Everclear any of these will work fine)
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    so basically what i do is hear up everclear, say i wanted to make 100ml. Heat up 100ml, and add 50mg for every ml right? stir and then i got it? Am i correct?

  13. whats the safest way to heat up the everclear, since it is so flamable?

  14. I'm not so sure it will work with just any higher proof alchohol at 50 mg/mL. Take a look at the following thread.****1361

  15. Originally posted by goes4ever
    whats the safest way to heat up the everclear, since it is so flamable?
    I boil water and put the solution in a glass bottle (with cap on) in the water.

  16. I have heard the only way to get and keep raw winny powder into a homegenous solutions is by using Mr. T winny kit.
    I have heard great things with Mr. T's winny conversion kits


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