DMSO question

  1. Question DMSO question

    I read in a previous post that it was suggested that a person buy DMSO if they are going to buy T-1 Pro. Can anyone explain to me why this is, and what DMSO does? Thanks. I am trying to learn as much as I can about Home Brewing.


  2. If you buy it from chemo it will come with it, if you make it yourself then you need to get it as part of the recipe.
    It increases absorbtion big time.

  3. so when I buy my T-1pro I also need to buy a bottle of DMSO? Do I mix the two and then apply?

  4. I think t1 pro comes with a bottle of dmso. Just dump it in the gel, shake and apply.

  5. Gotcha...thanks for the help. Does anyone know, from a statistical standpoint, the increase in absorption?

  6. 10-15% has been thrown around.

  7. I hate to sound negative, but if you have issues with sensitive skin, you might try the T1 without it first.
    I do believe the DMSO helps with delivery, but for me it also magnified the skin problems.
    I ran T1-Final for two weeks with minor skin irritation. Added the DMSO and ran it another two weeks. The minor irritation turned into an itchy rash. I had to take Prednisone to get rid of it.
    Next time I try transdermal I'm going to try applying a little extra product without the DMSO and see what happens.
    Either way, the BDC products are good.

  8. I've haven't had any problems with DMSO. I'm about to end week 2 of my first cycle. My skin is doing fine.

  9. EVERYONE is different and if you haven't tried it before I would agree with Old Guy....he has a point......if you have a reaction to DMSO then you have a bottle full of useless can always try the DMSO on your skin before you mix it in to see if it's going to bother you.

  10. This is most take a bit to build up a reaction to dmso, not instant in most cases.


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