H-Drol/Epistane stack for cutting?

  1. H-Drol/Epistane stack for cutting?

    I'm planning ahead already for a cutting cycle. I'm thinking maybe a 4 week cycle of Epistane and H-Drol. What do you guys think? Maybe something else?

  2. Its a good cycle theres actually a lot of guys on this board that have done this cycle. If you wanna have an awesome cutting cycle and have the money I'd add Furazadrol to it. Its a non methyl so its pretty mild on your liver and lipid profile. I took it with hdrol and I got way more vascular and dense than when i did hdrol alone.

  3. yeah i'd say h-drol and fura or fura solo at a higher dose.

  4. Fura pretty well known for being a really dry compound?

  5. Yea fura has no conversion rate to estrogen as far as i know, i add it to all my cutting cycles. Ive never had any problems with it. Ive never had joint pain from it and minimal test atrophy. Its really a mild compound, its not meant to be run alone and when you combine it with hdrol or epistane you can really see and feel a difference. Ive taken fura, epistane and hdrol all individually so i know what to expect from each one and how they synergistically work together.

  6. So H-Drol and Furazadrol should work really well... You suggest a SERM in the PCT right? I've been seeing people taking fura with no SERM but I've heard that H-Drol is relatively strong, so those two together I would think would be pretty powerful...

  7. I recommend with all ph cycles where your taking more than one compound a SERM should be used. i usually take clomid and nolvadex for PCT. I love Hdrol and fura, its a minimal side effect cycle but decent gains and you lean out too. If you look at my signature thats my next cycle but i added 11 OXO because i had good results with that product too. It just gets expensive if you dont have a lot of extra cash.

  8. Awesome. And you should log it so I can see your results, that way at least I know what to expect. What are your dosages going to be, and what are your stats if you don't mind me asking?

  9. Good info here. I'm planning on doing one more 'bulking' cycle, then hitting the 'cutting' cycle hard in april. I have the H-Drol, looks like I'll be picking up some Furaz.

  10. Yeah, I'm almost done with my M-Drol cycle, and after PCT and a good time off I'll hit the cutting pretty hard, so I'm trying to get some info now and get ready.

  11. My cycle will go as follows:
    Hdrol-75/75/100/100 possibly 125
    11OXO- 4caps a day then ill gradually work up to 8
    I have plenty of support supps like fish oil, sesamin, liver support and various antioxidants. My PCT will include nolva and clomid along with retain2, drive, rpm, creatine ethyl ester and white flood. Oh yea and ill be taking XTEND all the way through. Ill post my results in the steroids forum when im done. If you have any questions for my during my cycle just go ahead and PM me. Im going to go to class now ill be back on later today.

  12. i am currently running h-drol/epistane. running a log on it. http://anabolicminds.com/forum/suppl...-epistane.html

    im mainly doing this to lean bulk... i want to actually lose some fat doing this and gain lbm at the same time.

  13. If you're at 10% BF, how come you're trying to lose fat at the same time?

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Brian5225 View Post
    If you're at 10% BF, how come you're trying to lose fat at the same time?
    because i want to be at 5-6% bf and it seems to be working for me.

  15. How much can you really lose in 4 weeks? I think for cutting a pulse is ideal so you can run longer, you want to get fat off slowly so you can keep it off.

    I'm on week 7 of an Epistane pulse with Clen 2 on/2 off and its worked great, im down several bodyfat percentages and vascularity/hardness is great.

  16. Yeah, but I'm talking about running things that you can get without having "contacts".

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Brian5225 View Post
    Yeah, but I'm talking about running things that you can get without having "contacts".
    you mean for the clen? Replace clen with ECA then. Im just saying if you pulse Epi you can run the cycle twice as long which will be better for losing fat while keeping muscle.

  18. Right... What is ECA?

  19. Quote Originally Posted by Brian5225 View Post
    Right... What is ECA?
    ephedrine and caffeine

  20. Yeah, but from what I've read through everything is that the original ephedra products worked, but now the only ephedra products that are available after the ban is american ephedra whick contains no ephedrine... Have I missed something?

  21. Is it legal to buy clen as a research chem?

  22. Quote Originally Posted by Brian5225 View Post
    Is it legal to buy clen as a research chem?
    Bro almost every AM member here has a lab rat, except for that guy that's got a giraffe. So yes, as long as you're doing "research." It's a gray area i think.

  23. Well I've got plenty of fat rats and I need to do some research so I wasn't sure if it was one of the compounds I could buy for them haha


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