any advice on long term test

  1. any advice on long term test

    I have been working out for a long time and started to notice a decrease in muscle mass and energy, so I had a complete blood panel done. I found out that I have low test (150-300 range over several tests). After using 1 cc of Enantate a week for 10 weeks, my levels went to 600-800, which is much more reasonable for my age (35). So I am considering permanent (no off cycle) weekly injections(1cc a week of enantate or cypionate, 200-250 mg) along with Arimidex every 3rd day to prevent too much estrogen.

    My only concern is that I do not want to lose my own production of test so I was wondering how much HCG to use and how often to use it to prevent testicle shutdown. Same question for Clomid or Novadex/Nolvadex. Any advice on how to use with permanent weekly test injections would be much appreciated.

    Also, with my own test being so low, do you think there is any reason to ever cycle off? I might increase the dose for several weeks at a time to do a "cycle."

    My endocronologist did multiple blood tests and ruled out tumors and such. He stated, that my testes are just not putting out enough, "Hypogonadism due to low testicular output."

    By the way, I tried several 10 week cycles of test with Arimidex, and with appropriate PCT (Hcg and Clomid) after each cycle and felt great, but I always go back to my naturally low level after the cycles.

    Your advice would be much appreciated.

  2. no help?

    so lots of views to the thread but no advice>?

  3. Sounds like you are a candidate for hormone replacement therapy. If you have been clinically diagnosed as hypogonadal then you may benefit from testosterone injections. Keep in mind though, that proceeding with testosterone replacement therapy is a decision that should be made between you AND your doctor. Do not self medicate on this matter. It is important to have regular bloodwork to monitor hormone levels while undergoing treatment (which is usually a lifelong commitment). Also, the purpose of Testosterone replacement therapy is to bring your body up to normal levels of testosterone. It is not an excuse for legal roids, and you will not be using it for bodybuilding. However, if you have naturally low levels, you might see an increase in muscle and reduction in body fat, as well as alleviated symptoms of low energy,brain-fog, erectile dysfunction or depression if you have problems in any of those areas.

    Good luck!

    And remember, discuss this with your doctor, do NOT self medicate. longtime hormone use needs to be monitored carefully

  4. very well said Silk!

  5. My total test was 490 and I'm 23!

  6. Ditto Hulk, my total test was 440 and i'm 21...
  7. thanks

    Thanks guys (and gals if any replied).
    I have a great General Practitioner, who has prescribed me Test Enanthate. We did a complete blood workup and everything looked great. So it came down to my gonads not working enough.
    I was wondering how much people with HRT normally use. I am told everything from 1 cc a week up to 1 cc every 2 weeks.

  8. I think the norm is around 100mg a week.


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