How long after T-1 cycle for itching/irritation to stop?

  1. Unhappy How long after T-1 cycle for itching/irritation to stop?

    I finished the T-1 cycle on July 11.

    It is now July 18.

    Though the irritation has for the most part visually subsided I am still itching like a mofo from two of my four application sights. (arms and chest.....chest especially)

    I'mfinding that I scratch at night while I am asleep and that just irritates it more.

    How much longer should the process take?

  2. I hadn't personally used t-1, but it owuld seem that the itching should not still be going on. I imagine you used it with dmso. You may have some skin dryness, in which you would want to use aloe vera, glycerin/glycerol, hydrocortisone, lotion and may even want to try benedryl topical and oral. See if that helps.

  3. I can still see the rash on my skin. Subdued but there. My chest is getting raw from scratching.

    Thanks Scorpio, I'll give it a try!

  4. Both times i used trans for 4 weeks it subsided around 4 days after. What i've found to help a little is rotate areas morning and night applying a lotion to area you are not putting trans on. Eg. Chest/arms transdermal in morning with lotion thighs/legs, Shower 10-12 hours later, apply trans to thighs/legs and lotion on upper body.

  5. That would have helped. I'm finding that it itches most when I have a shirt on. I haven't waxed my chest in a while maybe the hair is irritating the skin which was made extra sensitive by the transdermal.

  6. Ive only noticed the irratation if I didnt shower or wash the application area after the 12 hours. Unforunatly I cant always shower before appling new coat but I always find new areas to apply. Whats sucks is the peeling. My skin peels off like sheets of paper. It probably because I always have a dark tan and get alot of sun but still my wife thinks its disgusting. And I wouldnt force it off for the fact that it can cause a problem if I decide to apply again.
    Ohh well, You suck it up and deal with it.

    Hope that the new formula Chemo came up with is that much better.


  7. It's been a little over a week since my original post and things are much better.

    Bump on the shower thing....I tried like hell but you know between work, college and home life that I know I missed acouple right there at the end.

    Thanks for the help guys! Situation fixed!


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