test and bloat

  1. test and bloat

    after achieving that somewhat chisled look in my face, it seems the 500mg of test over the last two weeks has brought back a fat boy sort of look. puffy cheeks and red face.

    how do i get rid of this look without stopping my gear..

    i should have been patient and opted for the
    QV EQ. i think i will stop and start my 6oxo.. then go with 600mg/week(for 10 weeks) of EQ.

    test = recipe for bloat and high blood pressure

  2. Don't stop it, get some femara bro, that'll knock the bloat down big time!

  3. femara, letrozole.... etc..

  4. Nolvadex will work and it is cheaper. Femera and arimidex work very well but cost more.

  5. I used letro (femara) this past cycle, dry as a bone (ok, well as "dry" as I get, lol)

  6. don't forget the Ldex either..


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