4 bottles of androsol please help

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    Smile 4 bottles of androsol please help

    i recently purhased 4 bottles of androsol for 20 bucks how can i improve absorbency can i mix with example vegetable oil, mineral oil, lotion. i hope this is not to dumb of a question and that its ignored. i have been reading this forum for a while and i really respect the guys here information and knowledge thanks

  2. I'm not sure what kind of mix they're using, but mix in about 10-15% DMSO and you'll definitely improve absorption.

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    Do i change dosage amounts with dmso by the way thanks man for the info.

  4. Not familiar with androsol, what is it? Hormone i mean?
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    androsol has isopropyl alcohol , 4-andro-3,17 diol it was made by biotest

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    Kitchen chemist ive read alot of your post and replys imho your one of the top dogs here. your advice is greatly appreciated

  7. I'm far from a top dog, chemo and curt2go's posts and emails have taught me everything i know. I just make lots of this stuff so i'll look into that product and give you some ideas. I HATE ISOPROPYL! It stinks worse than dmso IMO! I'll get back to you, got nothing better to do at work today
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    well imho lol ..thanks for passing the knowledge on bro

  9. Well, since it's already 240ml, if you change the recipe you're gonna be putting on quite a bit everyday. $20 is a pretty sweet deal though! What about making the bottle 400ml by adding some IPM/DMSO/Oleic Acid/PG. Gonna cost you more but it'll definately improve the absorbtion a great deal. Adding dmso will also do this for cheaper but the combo of iso and dmso makes me cringe.
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    lol thanks for the info what amounts of each? does dmso makes you smell real bad? also should i do each individual bottle like that or just 2 that 2 is what i would need for 4 wk cycle
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    got the bottles from nutrition wharehouse here in columbia the guy said they were discontinuing them also got a 5lb jug of ultimate nutrition prostar whey 20 bucks.

  12. 400ml bottle will already have 60% iso. Add 10% dmso, 10% oleic acid, 10% pg, and 10% IPM. You're gonna want 14.3ml per day for a 28 day cycle, just use one bottle. Get a oral syringe and dump the mix into a container and draw up 7.15ml twice a day.


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