Inversely running orals?

  1. Inversely running orals?

    I was considering running Phera-plex and havoc. I was wondering if anyone has tried inversely running them like

    Week 1 PP 30mg
    Week 2 PP 30mg Havoc 10mg
    Week 3 PP 20mg Havoc 20mg
    Week 4 PP 10mg Havoc 30mg
    Week 5 Havoc 30mg

    Post cycle

    Week 6 Torem 120mg
    Week 7 Torem 90mg
    Week 8 Torem 60mg
    Week 9 Torem 30mg

  2. search the boards - there a few people running pp/epi together - though differently than what you have listed

    search and ye shall find

  3. i wouldn't run it like that, 30mg PP is more potent than 30mg Havoc. And orals have a week or two to kick in, i don't understand why you'd start dosing the highest and work down, kick time may be lowered but once it's going you run 20-10 mg and it's not as good.

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