Whats the Heaviest Cycle you've ever Done?..Stats?

  1. Whats the Heaviest Cycle you've ever Done?..Stats?

    Nothing better than a big heavy cycle that just makes you drool looking at it...thought this would be a good thread...If you hate your livermand like to brag,this is the place to do it.!

  2. test no ester 150mgs ed

  3. wow that sounds awesome jstrong. what kind of sides? how did you pin it? how long was this for?

  4. LOL I got interrupted when I was posting. it was 150mgs tne/75mgs tren ed/ and 100mgs anadrol for a kickstart. I don't remeber the exact dose of tren because it was awhile ago but I'm pretty sure it was 75mgs. The real kicker is I had to ditch everything pct included so I came off cold turkey. The strength and size gains borderd rediculous. I was up to 262lbs when I had to get rid of everything. I had some personal problems and shrunk down to 219 from not lifting and eating. I switched to westside style training instead of bodybuilding a few years later .Superdrol got me up to 248lbs and stronger than I've ever been but I pulled a pec.lol. its always something. I haven't been back to 260lbs yet but I also train for strenght more than size now and have been stronger than I was then. Not to mention I don't use anything illegal anymore.

  5. almost forgot to answer your question. I really didn't get any bad sides. I did get headaches from drol but that was normal for me even when I kept my blood pressure in check. bloat was controled with letro I think but can't remember for sure. The biggest side effect was arms a hair under 20''. Of coarse this was with swollen bis from always spot injecting.



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