Hey Guys,
Just registered, first post...hoping you guys can help me out a little.

I'm one of those people who probably over thinks everything so I'm wanting some expert opinions if anyone can help.

I've run Test once before right at 21 I think and went from 155 to 185 before tearing my superspinatus (sp) two weeks after my cycle ended, I wish I'd have stacked it then but I didn't know any better. I did a lot of research before deciding on what I'm doing now. I'm 23 now, 5'11'' 165lbs, I'm about two weeks into my current stack. My biggest concerns when choosing what to use was to be able to fly under the radar...I wanted to add lean mass without anyone knowing I was juicing. I wanted to get bigger but keep it mainly lean mass so I'd be shredded up too. I'd like to get up around 175-180 range and I'm eating like a hog...so far so good.
I chose Equipoise and TrenE.
Dosage is at:

EQ - 360mg (1.8ml @ 200mg/ml) every Monday
TrenE - 200mg (2ml @ 100mg/ml) every Monday and Friday for a dosage of 400mg/week.

I started EQ two weeks ago and doubled dosage for the first week as the vets I know said that was the best way to jump start it. My cycle will be about a 9 week run. I just started my first dose of TrenE yesterday.

I wanna make sure I get the best results possible out of this cycle. I've heard that Tren E stays with you for up to 4 weeks after completing it...almost makes me wonder if I shouldn't have started both at the same time. Do you think that my dosage should be adjusted or does it look good for my goals?

Also, I'm doing a 5 day split Mon-Fri with about 18-21 sets per session and only about a 30-45s rest rotation to keep me pretty lean.

Am I on the right track?
Any more questions, comments or concerns?
I greatly appreciate it!

Thanks guys!