1-test cycle length

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  1. 1-test cycle length

    Why is it that the reccomended cycle length is 4 weeks when results from the 1-test only show from week 3 or 4 on. I think we should look at our recommendations once again, i think the preffered cycle length thread started a while ago, had a great deal of follow the leader influence and everyone just posted that they prefer 4 weekers apposed to anything different as that's what they hear was better. The weight gains people were noticing earlier was probably just the water weight from the 4-ad. Someone slap me if i'm totally wrong here

  2. I believe much if it came from feeback way back at bb.com. Most people reported that the gains decreased after the fourth week.

  3. So they only start week 3 and end at week 4? 1-test would be deemed useless in my opinion then. I don't know, both times i used it i wasn't as aware of how hormones worked then i am now. I gained weight and strength but didn't really pay attention to which day i started gaining more or less etc.

  4. KC, I was thinking about the same thing a while back. It always seemed odd to me that there is really just a 1 and half to two weeks of usefullness. I just finished a cycle of it for 4 weeks and was planning on going another 2 or 3 but I chose to finish it because I wanted to shorten the time of off before my next cycle. I think my next cycle I will run it longer to experiment with results. later J

  5. Are any of you guys aware of someones feedback with 6 or 8 weeks of 1-Test, I was kind of curious myself like you KC since I've seen many people run Fina for 8 weeks and liked it

  6. To be honest, i'm never planning on using 1-test again but when answering peoples questions and such, it all information relayed from one guy passed on to another to another. What if were giving the wrong info to begin with is all i'm getting at. In this case i think we very well may be, but i can't base this on real life experience as i'm not going to use it again.

  7. Originally posted by Kitchen Chemist
    So they only start week 3 and end at week 4? 1-test would be deemed useless in my opinion then. I don't know, both times i used it i wasn't as aware of how hormones worked then i am now. I gained weight and strength but didn't really pay attention to which day i started gaining more or less etc.

    I don't believe it takes 3 weeks for 1-test to kick in. For me, it was about 5 days. In fact, I ran a number of two week cycles with relatively good results.


  8. as far as 1test, my gains didn't appear till week 3 as well. i ran the cycle for 32 days, thats how long the bottle lasted and gains kept ocming....

    i think 4 weeks is reccommended, just because benefits vs. costs decreases

    longer=more test shutdown, more $$$, more side effects

  9. Originally posted by Kitchen Chemist
    To be honest, i'm never planning on using 1-test again but when
    why is that KC ?

  10. Godd observations above. I think it's all up to the individual. I've done a 6wk 4ad only (oral)....if I recall corectly....it was my first cycle...it may have been 5wks??? I've even heard of people doing 8wk cycles. Anyway, I think most people prefer to do a medium length cycle so they won't have to take such a long 'off' or recovery period. This allows for more cycles in a years time. I think 6wks is a good cycle length, but then again as mentioned above $$$, natty test shut down and sides are an issue. A few more weeks may or may not give us a few more lbs. If you got the $$$ go for a longer cycle, just expect a longer recovery period. With the meds available today I really don't see a problem with doing a longer cycle.

  11. When those recommendations were being developed there were several factors that were considered. First, we looked at gains and the rate of gain. The actual feedback was diminished gains after 4-6 weeks. Second, we looked at recovery time. We were dealing with a unique situation in that for the first time there were effective products and nothing for post cycle except ZMA and high caloric intake for post cycle. We reasoned that the best middle ground would be 4 weeks as it would have very good gains and the fastest recovery based on ZMA for post cycle. Obviously, the scene has changed in the past year and there are effective options for recovery.

    IMO, we should revisit the 4 week cycle recommendation and extend it to 6 or 8 weeks for those that have access to liquid solutions and keep it at 4 for those that prefer 6-oxo.


  12. BTW, good post KC...


  13. Originally posted by BUFF STUFF

    why is that KC ?
    1-test was hard on my hair, on my current cycle of test eq and d-bol i noticed no loss what so ever. I won't touch winny or tren for that reason either.

  14. Originally posted by Chemo
    IMO, we should revisit the 4 week cycle recommendation and extend it to 6 or 8 weeks for those that have access to liquid solutions and keep it at 4 for those that prefer 6-oxo.

    I totally agree, I think people should opt for either t1 pro and run it 6-8 weeks depending on how many cycles they've done (for dosages wise not cycle length) or three to four bottles of t1 final and run each bottle for two weeks. I have been thinking about this since back when curt2go was talking about frontloading 1-test. The fact that people want to get more cycles in a year is fine but why not do fewer more quality cycles? You could get three full cycles in a year and say you put on and keep 8-10 lean pounds each one, that's a lot of weight to accumulate over a year

  15. Bump for more opinions!

  16. KC,
    I think people should opt for either t1 pro and run it 6-8 weeks depending on how many cycles they've done (for dosages wise not cycle length)
    At six week cycles what are you thinking along the lines of dosages for best results?

    OK, From the couple threads that ive just read about results from 1-test and more precisely T-1 pro, its mostly taking individuals who are on a low to moderate dosing schedule about 3-4 weeks before results become appearent. For individuals like myself, bow and a couple others who have and are extremely heavy dosers, results are appearing within a couple days (approximatley 5-8). Now if Im taking heavy doses and the results are greater at the start of the cycle (1st 2 weeks) then the end of it(last 2 to 4 weeks) (say on a 4 or 6 week cycle) could a tolerance level be associated with the result leveling? Im thinking that its taking those dosing low levels to become tolerante much longer then those dosing higher levels and therefore if you were to effectively figure out (by keeping logs) when you tolerance was getting to a point where you are no longer achieving maximum benefical gains that the dosages could be steped up to overcome this problem. I know changing doses during a cycle is probably not a good idea, but Ive yet to hear reasons to support why It should not be done (will estro levelsshoot sky high by doubleing during a cycle) . I know lethargy will definatly be a factor if you were to raise dosing but it could be counter acted. The upping of the dose would definatly have to be on a large scale for results to be as great as the prior dose.

    ****ing theory, Its hard as hell to explain. I read about it in a medical journal that either my wife brought home from work (the hospital) or from a class in school.
    Give me a little time and ill try and get some supporting info.


  17. KC I agree with you, 6-8 weeks should be the the recomondation nowadays. Although I understand if some want to keep it to 4 weeks so recovery time is shorter but like you said quality over quantity. Overall I think it's up to the person, but I'm really interested in hearing some feedback from anyone who's done a 6-8 week cycle. I'd like to find out their gains at 4 weeks then at weeks 6-8 and compare the difference if any. Also compare gains kept by those on a 4 week cycle and those in a 6-8 week. Basically what I'm looking for is whether or not it's worth it to extend the cycle. Is it worth the extended shutdown time? Later J

  18. i will be doing a 6 week cycle soon of 300mg 1test 300mg 4ad a day, i will create a cycle log and keep everyone updated with before and after pics

  19. Sounds good keep us posted. Really focus on weeks 4-6 if you can. I'm sure there has to be positive benefits to a longer cycle but I'll be damned if applying that **** doesn't get annoying. At about 4 weeks I've had enough, but if the if the results are there I would def do a 6-8weeker. Good luck, Later J

  20. After doing several 4 week cycles and a 8 week cycle of 1-test I can say that I MUCH prefer longer cycles of 6-8 weeks. It gives you enough time to realize all of your gains (or losses for cutting) and, as said above, with proper post cycle therapy you'll bounce back fine usually.

  21. For all of you getting sick of applying trans i found that with only a small amount of iso (10%) and the addition of 10% peg400 aswell as d-lim (for that pretty smell) i don't mind applying transdermal at all. I'm not applying 1-test so that could make a big difference aswell but i'm not getting any irritation from the mix.

    40% IPM
    10% ISO
    10% DMSO
    10% OA
    10% PEG400
    10% PG
    10% D-LIM

    I have no clue if this is as effective for absorbtion but i'd rather lose a little absorbtion and not have to run up and down my street buck naked to cool down my body (not that i've ever done that before or anything cough cough). May even be the same, who knows!

  22. I'm currently on week 5 of T1 pro and my gains have not slowed down that much. I planned on taking it through a sixth week, but no further. I'm still gaining some reps on high weight routines every week, but my body is starting not to recover as fast. I just don't feel like I should stop just yet because I'm still making gains.

  23. Do the gains compare to what your first few weeks were?

  24. I'll put it to you this way, weeks 2-4 seem very noticeable. I know that in the time between them I have measured my progress by my gains in repetitions in certain exercises. For example, my 315lbs bench press has gone up a rep each week. Week 2 was 8, Week 3 was 9, Week 4 was 10, and week 5 was 11. We'll see what happens next week.

    I will admit that if anything, my body does feel sorer (Spell?)
    Not recovering as fast.

  25. Thats decent, but what about bodyweight, physical appearance, side effects, etc...
    Any fluctations in any of those throughout the cycle. Ups then downs, or downs and ups.

    1 rep lift change per week on a weight your already lifting a minimum of 8 times is not enough to make me feel that the severe decline in natural test levels over 8 weeks is worth it. not taking into effect the other sides that are being elevated as well.

    besides a 1 rep change is common when not taking anything. If your not lifting more then the week before your not strength training or body building.

    Max weight (2 rep maxs) numbers are more beneficial for tracking performance strength gains during cycles. I perfer not to do them during a cycle so as to not mess with my routine. precycle and post cycle maxs are always good.

    Just a thought.

  26. No severe changes, gained about 5 lbs. No bloating or anything like that. You have to consider that weighing only 213 to start and gaining 4 reps in 5 weeks of 315lbs bench is a big deal. My 3 rep weight of 365 is almost my 5 rep weight (I need a little help on the fifth rep) To me anything more gained in that short of time would be from something like injected testosterone. I've been at a plateau on benching that weight for months now. This cycle has helped me push that old weight aside.
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  27. Well I hate jumping in on this for fear of being crucified because I'm a relative Newbie but I am now working on my 6th week of Transdermal 1-Test. Results? No real strength loss /or gain but my calories are down.....I am definitely looking leaner......not what I want but getting there. Now my point is going to be this.....I've taken various medications over time and let's consider this:When a Dr. prescribes you say an antibiotics for symptoms of whatever ailment.....you take them as prescribed right? Usually it comes with the FINISH ALL THIS MEDICATION unless.......blah...blah.... 9 out of 10 times I don't have to finish the stuff before I am "healed" and other things start happening.....like a case of the "Hershey Squirts" Any body else following me? So what I mean is one's own body will generally guide you into when you should stop....BUT you have to be listening.....right now in my 6th week will be complete by Saturday but I am begining to experience mild acne and I am generally cleared skinned so that tells me I better be winding down.

  28. I imagine you guys have got to be peeling like bananas in a monkey cage.
    Im only on my 2nd week and Im running out of places to apply that arent already peeling. All be it, I am going with some intense dosages and I normally keep a good tan since I live on the beach so I figured it might be just the tanned skin peeling because of the DSMO.


  29. Did you guys add DSMO to the bottle on top of what was already in it? I tried that once with regular T1 and into the 2nd week, I broke out in an almost poison ivy like rash. I don't add any DMSO anymore. Part of the problem is the fact that I have sensitive skin that just can't handle it (you can see this in my very white pic)

  30. It doesnt come with any in it.

    Its optional, For in case of any accidental spillages.

    Yeah, It just about causes it on everyone I talked to and myself, But if you circulate the application areas it should be alright unless your that sensitive.

    If I notice and irratation I just dont apply if there until its gone.



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