1-test cycle length

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  1. I was under the assumption it was T1 Pro as well when you said hardcore dosing. Either way though it's still something that should be looked at. Maybe I'll be the first to try it. It will be a couple of months though.
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  2. LOL, well, i could of used 1ad, haha. Anyways, bdc was recommeneded to me by another bro of mine. I'm definitely gonna have to check it out on my next ph cycle, which won't be for a while, i wanna take 8 weeks off after that to fully recover

  3. btw, i think the full bottle has 6 grams of 1test in it

  4. Pursuit,
    What??? Im confused on your post.

    Didnt mean to offend you if I did. Im talking product though. I definitly think youll be extremly happy about the T-1 line. And yeah I dont blame you for wanting to take a break for a while. 9 weeks is a hell of a cycle.
    And yeah, My bad again. I didnt know you were talking Super One+. its 6gs per bottle. more comparable.
    Later bro,

    And glad to see you just joined. Theres a **** load of info in these threads and with a little research you can pretty much get any question answered.

  5. Originally posted by db682
    What??? Im confused on your post.
    LOL I see why.  I meant to say I was under the assumption he was using T1 Pro.  That post was past my bed time.

  6. I thought you meant something like that but my natural slowness did not allow me to assume beyond the bad wording.

  7. Originally posted by Kitchen Chemist

    1-test was hard on my hair, on my current cycle of test eq and d-bol i noticed no loss what so ever. I won't touch winny or tren for that reason either.
    What doses and length of time were you using the 1-test for when you noticed the hair loss?

    I am balding and was considering using 1-test alone at 300 mg per day for 3 weeks - with lots of 5% topical spiro and even retin-a cream to attempt to protect my hair.

    Thinks it's not wise for me to use 1-test in this manner?

  8. On august 18th I plan to start a cutting cycle and use t1 pro for 6 weeks. We'll see what happens.
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    Cycle Length

    I just finished an 8 week homebrew cycle this past Wednesday (7/24) using 1-test and 4-ad. I talked about this when I began the cycle under the recipe thread. I used the homebrew recipe posted there by chemo/curt2go, 240 ml bottle, 8 grams each of 1 test and 4 AD, applying 5cc's three times a day, here are my personal observations for what that's worth:

    1. At that dosage level, I began experiencing results in about 3 days..... increased pump and energy/vitality during my workout. That's faster than AS start to work. And while gains overall are not directly comparable with what I used to get with AS, it is still VERY POTENT stuff. Nothing else over the counter even comes close. I have obtained excellent, high quality, lean muscle mass with minimal extra water weight. I've weighed 250 pounds before, but never of this quality;

    2. 95% of my size/weight gains were achieved by weeks 6-7. However, I achieved a personal (non AS) strength record bench press during week 8. I do attribute this in large part to having begun to take creatine during week 7. Creatine/PH's for me are a very effective combination for both size and strength. My reasoning for not taking creatine sooner in my cycle is that I'm "saving" it for post cycle, hoping to retain more size and strength post cycle. I would still advocate an 8 week cycle though, just for the "muscle memory" benefit of being larger/stronger for a longer period of time. That gain level just cannot be achieved in 2 or 3 weeks time;

    3. No hair loss for me. Interesting, because about a year ago I did an oral cycle utilizing BSN's 1-Testabolin (an oral, etherized 1-test product I rate highly) and AST's 4-diol products. I did lose some hair there, and expected to here, but no;

    4. A touch of acne on the back, and a bit on the face. For your back guys, get yourself a long handled, soft bristle scrub brush and shower and scrub twice a day. For your face, wash twice a day with Noxzema. That should do it for most guys, unless you get a severe case of it.

    5. In terms of testicular shrinkage, I'd say I lost about 20-25% of size and some firmness. Post cycle, I'm taking Nolva for 30 days. Never tried Nolva before, but have read about it's superiority compared to 6-oxo and Clomid. 6-oxo and zma have worked well for me in the past though, and within a couple of weeks time, testicles rebounded to 100% size and firmness;

    6. At this level of dosing, the lethargy was almost unbearable, frankly. Talk about a lazy couch potato! The 4-AD helps tremendously with sexual performance, but in terms of combating the mental lethargy I experienced from 1-test, it did nothing. The only "fix" was to get an extra 1-2 hours of sleep each night, sneek in naps where possible, and double or triple the amount of black coffee I consumed. I also took some ephedra at times. I hate this aspect of 1-test frankly, but anabolically speaking, it is very good stuff for being "legal" for now;

    7. In terms of strength gains, they were quite good. You'll note in my personal avatar, the scar on my right pec, a complete pec major avulsion (meaning I tore the tendon that connects my pec to my upper arm bone...... right off the bone in September 2002). While I can't provide you with a good A/B comparison due to my injury, suffice it to say that I'm now 10 months post corrective surgery, and I have well surpassed the strength level I was at when I tore it. I consider that to be a very good accomplishment for a guy over 40. And no, I don't do single rep maxes any more, the fewest reps I'll do on any exercise now is 4 reps. But you should understand that when I tore it, I couldn't bench 10 pounds afterwards. It is a very serious tendon injury.

    8. You DEFINATELY want to get yourselves a box of rubber gloves to put this stuff on guys. It does NOT wash off your hands well at all. The first week or 2 I put it on with bare hands, and at some point rubbed my eye.......YEEEEEOWWW! I mean for 10 minutes I couldn't open my eye. I won't go into details about the difficulties you will have being intimate with your wife/girlfriend if you have any 1-test residue on your hands or elsewhere........

    9. Plan on having gum or breath mints on hand at all times taking this much dmso. Your breath is going to have that sour milk/garlic stench unless you do. The lemonene smells nice on your skin but doesn't kill the breath. My kids were always telling me I smelled like "corn".

    10. One other very interesting side from this is that it KILLED pain I get in my left ("good"?) a/c joint...... arthritis from years of bench pressing/military pressing. I'm actually going to have that fixed surgically next month, although that's minor in comparison to the pec tear. I asked my doctor about it, he indicated androgens are only a few carbon's away from cortocosteroids like cortisone, and that they probably give anti inflammatory pain relief if you have some arthritis as I do. When these PH's are out of my system, I'm sure the pain will resume. Normally, bench pressing without any Ibuprofen feels like a nail is being driven through that a/c joint. It's a bitch getting old guys.....

    11. On many applications but not all, once the first application dried, I put on a second application of the homebrew WITHOUT any PH's added, to try to increase absorption. And once that dried, I would finally apply a mixture of aloe and vitamin E oil to the same area. Aside from even better absorption, it also helped my skin tremendously. As a result, I had no rash, and only a touch of dry skin. For me, it was easiest on my skin to apply it to my thighs, hamstrings, calves, shins, and tops of feet. Other body parts, even with aloe and vitamin E oil, did not tolerate the dmso very well. While this all sounds like a lot more work, do it in stages while you're dressing/shaving/bathing/drying off during the day. I did notice less residue on my skin when applying this way and I'm quite certain I enjoyed better absorption because of it.

    Final Comment: I'm not anybody's "bodybuilder", nor am I any guru on training, PH's, AS, or diet. But I am 43 and have over 20 years experience with this stuff. In spite of what anyone else may say, if you can't naturally build your physique to the level you've attained on PH or AS, you are not going to keep that level post cycle. 6-oxo, Nolva, Clomid, ZMA, etc., will help to get our own testosterone supply flowing again post cycle, so that we don't "crash" post cycle (meaning that it took SO long for our own supply to begin flowing again that we're actually SMALLER and WEAKER post cycle than pre-cycle). I have crashed in the past, so I know how awful this can be. Our own strength and mass levels are determined by our genetics, including natural hormone levels. At some point well past "post cycle", after the AS, PH's and post cycle ancillaries have left our bodies, our endocrine systems return to our "normal" range. And while we can improve upon that slightly by training and eating, in the end we are products of our own genetics. That's fine. because most people don't work out anyway. And for we who do, we are almost "gods" in their eyes. I'm only saying this here because I think that doing 2 or 3 week cycles is, frankly, pointless. By the time the results you're achieving become "noticeable" to anyone else, you're getting off the stuff. in another 2 or 3 weeks time, your endocrine system has NOT returned to a normal state, but voila, you're starting another 2 or 3 week cycle. C'mon guys, what's the point?

    If you're going to do this, then DO it. With a 6-8 week cycle, your gains will be obvious to everyone. Take your post cycle ancillaries so you don't crash. Plan your cycles around your calendar year as you need/want to. Expect to be bigger and stronger when on, expect to shrink at least somewhat, be less hard, and less strong afterwards no matter WHAT you do or take....... expectations need to be ratcheted up and down accordingly so you DON't INJURE YOURSELF!! More volume and intensity on, less off. You'll know when to adjust up and down because your body will be telling you....... just listen to it. Cycle training, diet, etc. Once you've been post cycle for 2 or 3 months, and your endocrine system is back to "normal" you can always focus your efforts on aerobic conditioning if you have that as a goal. Then again, there's always your education, career, spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend. Everything in cycles guys.

    But forget about 2 or 3 week cycles. That's fence sitting. Get on one side of that fence or the other.

    Good luck, be well, train well.

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  10. Great post PC1! So you don't recommend any cardio at all until several several months post cycle? None at all while on, up until 2-3 months post cycle?
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    Originally posted by jediclampet
    Great post PC1! So you don't recommend any cardio at all until several several months post cycle? None at all while on, up until 2-3 months post cycle?
    Well, that's not really my point. I'm just describing my experience with my recent 8 week cycle, and why I feel 2 or 3 week cycles are just about worthless.

    I only mention cardio as part of an overall fitness program that most people here subscribe to. And if one is going to cycle PH or AS, one has to change their mindset as they cycle on and off. Anyone who does cycle will tell you how difficult weight training is for several weeks post cycle, our bodies feel flat, and barely respond at all until our endocrine systems return to normal. How could they respond when there's about 0 endogenous testosterone production at that time. I've read posts by Patrick Arnold where he indicated that endogenous supply of testosterone can greatly diminish in some individuals within the span of 1 week from PH's like 1-test. And even after endogenous supply is on again, it's still not the same as when we're on, because we're recovering with testosterone levels far and above normal. So if overall physical fitness is your goal, a month or so post cycle would be a better time to focus more on your cardio aspect of training, and much less on the weights. The change in focus will do you good, and get you away from the dread of weight training at a time when you're really not enjoying it much. Scale it back awhile, and when you return, both mind and body will ready to gear back up to new levels.

    Most competetive bodybuilders do zero cardio during bulking phase of their training. I don't think there's any dispute now that building maximum size and strength come from pure anerobic weight training, and that cardiovascular activities hamper recovery to some degree. But again, it depends on one's goals. The majority of people on these boards will never compete in even a local contest, and that's fine. Most of our goals then center around building muscle and reducing bodyfat over time.

    So if you want to do both regularly, that's fine, my suggestion would be to focus more on the weights on cycle (not exclusively), and then switch focus to cardio once you feel your endocrine system has returned to normal post cycle. Cranking up your cardio in the immediate post cycle weeks I feel would only tax your ability to recover from workouts at a time when recovery is already poor.

  12. great cycle wrap up PC1. Thanks for the in depth info. I agree with you about cycle length. I did a 4 week cycle my first time just to assess how my body would respond, and then later did like an 8 weeker, and saw some amazing results.

  13. So if I calculated right, that's 500mg 1-test and 500mg 4-AD per day for 8 weeks? Plus the extra DMSO you were applying, that's a serious dose of andorgens floating around in your blood.

    I just finished the same cycle at half the dose and half the lenth. Ideally I would have liked to go longer, like you explain, but the lethergy was getting too bad even sleeping 10hours a night. I'm not suprised it hit you so hard either.

    If you can, report back in 6-12 months. It would be informative to know the "permenance" of your gains, given that you are at or near you genetic limit. But that's a topic for another thread..
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    I'm now just over 4 weeks post cycle. And I've been off Nolva for about 1 week (thank God).

    My body weight has dropped from 248-250 to about 238-240, and seems to be settling about there. The good news is in the strength department.

    Being a natural tall thin ectomorph I've never been a particularly good bench presser. At 2 points in my life I've had a natural 290-300 lb. bench press. At 26 years of age immediately pre-AS, and again at around 33 years of age, and never for very long at that, for 1 reason or another. I seem to be over 300 now and holding steady, which I'm pleased with, at 43+ years of age, and coming off of a pec major avulsion last September to boot

    I've incorporated a lot of fine advice found on this message board. Mainly, I cut WAY back on volume, focusing primarily on the compound lifts, but with a few extras for balance:

    MONDAY Pulling Exercises
    Bent Rows
    Lat Pull Downs
    Biceps Curls
    Forearm Curls

    WEDNESDAY Pushing exercises
    Bench Press
    Seated Military Press
    Cable Triceps Extensions

    FRIDAY Legs
    Leg Extensions
    Leg Curls
    Calf Raises

    And ONLY once a week, for recuperation.

    Each of these exercises I'd warm up with up to 5 warm up sets and do only 1-2 heavy sets of between 6-10 reps, while taking Nolva. Now that I'm off, I'm easing back into doing 3-4 heavy sets on the compound exercises, and utilizing a reverse pyramid set structure.

    One has to keep in mind that I did completely tear my right pec major tendon last Fall. But I did that at the END of a PH cycle.

    My focus (again, post ANTI-E) is on lifting fairly heavy weight (for me) for as many reps as possible. For example on the bench:

    270 x 4
    255 x 6
    240 x 8
    225 x 10

    And I rest anywhere from 4-10 minutes between each set. I'm not in a hurry, I want to move maximum poundage for quality reps, not anhilate the muscle with maximum lactic acid burn. And if I wasn't so concious about the pec tendon avulsion, I might do an extra rep or 2 with each of those weights. But again........

    Just 4 weeks ago, immediately post cycle, my max 4 rep on the bench was

    285 x 4

    As many of you know, if you take what you can bench for 4 reps and divide that by 90%, it tells you what you can bench for a 1 rep single max. I won't do that anymore now with my injury. But what that tells me is that I'm now NATURALLY benching 300 or a bit more (because I probably could do an extra rep at least if I wanted to push things)

    270 / 90% = 300

    Not that I can claim it without doing it, but you get the idea. It gives a good indication.

    So right now, immediately post ANTI-E, I'm where I was at strength wise last Fall immediately post PH cycle. And again, all things considered with the injury, I feel pretty good about that

    On Seated Military Press, my heaviest this week was

    205 x 3 reps

    Immediately post cycle, my max was

    225 x 2 reps

    I can tell you that never in my life have I naturally done anything more than 185 x 3-4 reps. So again I'm pleased. The one qualifier to my strength level is my bodyweight. In my mid 20's, I weighed around 222 lbs; early 30's around 232 lbs. So yeah I was leaner and meaner. Still at 43 years old, I'm pleased with where I am today.

    I'm hoping NOT to lose anything more post cycle. And I figure that if I can keep more strength, I'll be able to bodybuild with more weight, and hence, have more muscle mass overall.

    I don't have the pump, size or hardness I had 4 weeks ago. But overall, I look and feel good, and am not over training.

    I'll report back in another month or so.

    Be well


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