Just did 1st injection of test-E 250mg's

  1. Just did 2nd injection of test-E 250mg's

    Hey bros. I just did my 1st injection of Test-E, 1cc
    I have to admit I was nervous as all hell, moved the needle a bit in my right cheek, probably will hurt tomorrow eh? But just wanted to keep yall posted. I aspirated and a small air bubble came into the syrninge, but then when right back in. Does massaging right afterward help at all? Sorry for the random ass questions, just excited and still shakin a bit.

    Thanks by the way to all of those who helped me with my cycle as far as dosing, pin size, etc.

  2. congrats on the first shot! lol....It may or may not hurt, i was the first way when i did mine and i had little to no pain the next day. However ive had other gear that has left a more pain than others so its not just you, but you're gear could also determine how much pain you have. I believe if there is more BA in it like you might find from a UG lab than it may be a bit more sore than normal but nothing major.

  3. congrats you did good. no telling how sore it will be. massaging helps, i dont do it much personally.

  4. you dont need to worry about air bubbles, its planty of air in our muscles enyway.

    the dangerus thing is oil in a vain. so just make sure that you dont hit one and you will be just fine every time.

    and congrats on your shot!! lol

  5. 3rd day after shot... now it it's a pain in my ass (literally).. where I went in on the surface is a little sore, but inside where the tip of the pin would've been hurts like a SOB.. normal? Like I said, I moved the pin quite a bit when it was inside (shaking hands). Left cheek's tomorrow. Yee-haaw!

  6. still sounds ok to me. Ive had that happen to me before where the day after i feel fine but than 3 days later it gets pretty sore. Just watch out for swelling and bruising as those may be signs of something more serious.

  7. No signs of swelling or bruising... just the sting. Guess I'll get used to it... hopefully well worth it in the end. Probably just being overly paranoid, but I'd rather make sure than regret it down the road.

  8. Butt cheek riiiiiiiiiiiiight?

  9. yup.. my right butt cheek

  10. If I hit a nerve, I probably would've felt it at that time right?

  11. I didn't feel any pain at all when I injected.. it's weird, where I went in is a little tender, but inside it stings. Like I said, just wanna make sure it's normal

  12. Just did 2nd injection. I think I may have gone a little too low in the cheek on my first one, so I went a litte higher this time. went smoothly, wasn't shaking as bad. I aspirated and a little bubble came in like before, except this time when I pulled out there was a tiny droplet of blood in the syringe, but no blood came in when I aspirated... any thoughts?

  13. still sounds fine to me, i have that happen to. I did one today in and its a lot more painful than normal. The inject itself was ok but later during the day it got kinda sore and now it hurts to sit but i know its nothing out of the ordinary. Its swelling and discoloration that means a more serious problem.


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