Test Sting

  1. Test Sting

    Hi gang, I've seen a little talk about Nutrivet ultra suspension. I did my 1st one in a thigh. It feels a little like being paralyzed but I'm struggling along LOL! I tried my 2nd in the butt but (excuse the bun LOL) chased it with B-12. It stung the 1st day but the 2nd day, the swelling is way down and I can hardly tell, maybe it's just locii I don't know. We'll see tomorrow with my weighted dips (I already weigh 240 so unweighted takes quite an act of congress). Anyway, I wouldn't mind hearing about others experience not only with nutrivet but test suspension and how to deal with semi-paralysis.:hot:

  2. Tsusp generally hurts. if it isnt micronized, it hurts even more.

    it generally passes quickly, though....until your next shot less than 24 hours later!

  3. Bingo, I went thigh again with a few globules of B-12. Not only did it not sting but the sting that was already there abated! I'm going to use it with all the stingers, this works!!

  4. you are rotating sites right?

    glad to hear you're having luck cutting it with B12. just a few tenths is doing the trick for you? i might have to try it...

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