1-test/4-ad/Boldenone Base

  1. 1-test/4-ad/Boldenone Base

    I'm trying to help a bro out with a cycle, he's got 1-test/4ad and is interested in adding boldenone base aswell. He's looking for extremely clean gains, and i was wondering what you guys would suggest for dosages of bold base? He's running it for 4 weeks. I'm thinking 6g 1-test, 3g 4-ad and 4g bold base?

    Daily applied that's

    1-TEST 200mg
    4-AD 100mg
    19-NOR 133.3333333mg

    Weekly abosorbed that's
    1-TEST 560mg
    4-AD 280mg
    BOLD 375mg

    Now since it's bold base, will it clear system the same as the others? I read chemo say that nandro base still stay anabolic even after daily dosing. Just wondering if this would affect post cycle therapy. Thanks bros!

  2. Chicka chicka, bump bump bump

  3. dont know about ph,never used them myself
    i would convert boldenone into injectable,big believer in injections

  4. Well, it wouldn't make much sense to inject everyday aswell as apply transdermal ph's everyday aswell, kinda defeats the purpose.

  5. a low run cycle of Equipose is usually 400mg/week injected. So for transdermal being applied. I'd say 145m/day which leads to 406mg/week absorbed. (using your 40% absorbption figure)

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  6. It's just that i've read that bases are more potent than esterfied is why i'm wondering.

  7. Agreed, bases have more active ingredient, so you could cut it down to say 130/day IMO.


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