test e. sachet

  1. test e. sachet

    Question? Have you ever seen test e. in a Sachet. Ive seen it in vials etc. but never a sachet. how do you reseal it etc.

  2. you dont reseal it. there meant to be taken at once. although if you have an empty vile you can store excess product in it.

  3. correct. it is one time use. you cut a corner of it off then stick a needle with syringe and draw the oil out then you can filter it into a vial or you can leave it in the syringe. I filled mine in sterile vials.

  4. can you take test e. one shot a week at 600mg.

  5. there are some sachets out there that are 10-20 ml then you would have to get a few 10ml vials to transfer the test into for storage...

  6. Quote Originally Posted by jdmhatch3
    can you take test e. one shot a week at 600mg.

    depends on how many cc's that equal to. if you are doing it say one shot= 2 ml's then yes( you can put 2 ml's into many of your muscles). you can inject up to 4-5ml's into certain muscles like the ventro-glute..


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