First cycle, Test Enanthate??

  1. Question First cycle, Test Enanthate??

    whats up guys, i have been lifting for over 3 years and have experienced d-bol cycle and am looking to step it up to a test cycle, i got a 500mg cycle at 1cc twice a week. i am just wondering how i should go about injecting it, would it be easier for me to find a nurse or dr that can do it lol or is it easy enough for my girl to do it. as far as my diet and work out i have it on point and am doing great. i am taking no xplode as of now should i stay off of it while i am taking this cycle also or should i find something to stack with it. im guessin i should be just fine with the cycle and that its and as for the post cycle i was thinking of getting nolvadex, hopefully u guys have some good advice for me. if not wish me luck.

  2. How long are you planning on running this?

    How old are you?

    How is your diet? What are your stats?

    Your question (injecting) could be easily answered with the search option.

  3. as of my diet i dont know exactly what im taking in but i try to take in about 5 meals a day at about a pound each, i eat very healthy but just big meals. i am 22 6'4 220lbs. i have been lifting heavy for about 3 years now but i used to play sports and maintain a nice body but not heavy lifting so i have been working out for very long. i already have the cycle and i am starting this coming monday. i have talked to a couple trainers and body builders at my gym and they think i am going about it good and they know my track record but they dont seem to have a good answer on the injection part.

  4. You haven't said on how long of a duration your proposed cycle is.

    you have a Testosterone Enanthate at the standard concentration of 250mg/ml. You will be injecting 1cc twice a week acheiving 500mg/week. How long will you be doing this for???

  5. 12 weeks.

  6. i just found a huge thing on about injecting and its just the info i was looking for.

  7. Ok, cool... wait until the start of week 15 to start PCT. Good to go.

  8. Thanks Brotha..


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