What is everything that you have used?

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by CHAPS
    PCP jesus u must have been a mad man on that stuff, i've heard of guys on PCP taking on like 5 cops
    It's overrated. Seriously. It's also quite bad for you. I'm pretty sure most really stupid pot heads got that way from angel dust laced dope. Of course, the "new generation" does Ketamine, which is pharmacologically equivalent and calls it a psychedelic party drug.

  2. Outside of AAS? Just alcohol. Man I'm an angel compared to you guys

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Ripw4
    I think I have done most every drug available. It about took me out of this world..
    I tried most of the popular synths out of Shulgins books.
    All the hard street drugs..

    Worst addiction of all..a syringe..didnt even have to be anything in it but water..the act of shooting up was the hardest addiction to break.
    haha im having syringe addiction right now!

  4. i have been told "PCP will ruin your day"

    Here, alcohol, steroids, marijuana, lsd (by accident).

    Id like to add that tripping on acid without knowing you were taking it will also ruin your day.

    No longer smoke pot, that was strictly a sophomore through junior year of high school endeavor.

  5. Only steroids here, drink very seldom.


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