comments and suggestions on next cycle

  1. comments and suggestions on next cycle

    i am planning to run a test cyp./pheraplex/oral turinabol cycle in February this will be my first "real" cycle considering ive done 2 superdrol and 1 qv winstrol only cycle (i know i know stupid) any comments, suggestions or possible substituitions would be helpful.
    Stats: 5'8" 185 lbs 13% bodyfat
    Goal 10-15 lbs and lean up towards end of cycle with cardio
    Weeks 1-3 phera, 500 mg test cyp
    Weeks 3-9 500 mg test cyp.
    Weeks 9 and 10 500 mg test cyp 50 mg oral turinabol
    Weeks 10-12 50 mg oral turinabol
    post cycle therapy Nolva, Clomid, R-xt and retain- supporting supps will be taken throughout the cycle
    quick question my test cyp. is 300 mg per ml, i havent seen any other cyps. with that kind of concentration while a friend of mine has used it with good results, should i stick with it or get the "normal" test 250mg/ml.... also any suggestion on a compound to use other than the oral turinabol (ie winstrol,tren,phera)

  2. See if you can find some Testosterone enanthate. From what ive seen, cyp is somewhat of poor mans test. it produces alot of acne, water retention, and ive heard many instances where it is more likely to cause cholesterol problems. IMO enanthate is much cleaner.

  3. you won't notice a difference between cyp and enan (cyp is just one carbon longer)

    i don't know where dr.b kingoflean is getting this info from

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