Year Long cycle revisited

  1. Year Long cycle revisited

    Wardog had posted a while back about planning a long cycle and not really coming off. I am not debating the idea mainly because I already do HRT and I was wondering if there was any need of doing post cycle because of this. What I am needing is some help with the particulars of doing this. I know I am going to use test as a base, and I kinda like using prop to get my test levels up in the beginning but I am open for other suggestion.. Right now I am cutting, so I had thought about using tren for the first part of this but I am open for other suggestions..


  2. The thread labled cycle on pennies at Animal board goes into some nice detail on how to do a LONG cycle. Upping and lowering the amounts of AS used and also when to use Anti Es. I have also seen it suggested that you use HCG every week or two through out the cycle in a LOW dose.
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  3. I had read the first part of that thread.. got lost in the back end of it..
    I guess I am going to have to go back and reread it.. thanks C appreciate it

  4. i dont know bro , just dont like the idea of staying on for the whole year as a recreational bber dont u think ??? ure a big guy naturally , dont see why u wud have any problems , maybe use insulin and gh while off , low dose too with gh so that it doesnt get pricy , maybe 2 iu a day , one early morning shot . and u can get away with maybe maximum of 20 weeks on steroids per year easy and its ofcourse not dangerous . think healthy at ur age old boy

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