trying dbol for first time

  1. trying dbol for first time

    does anyone have any advise ?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by dalejones0188
    does anyone have any advise ?
    ya delete this thread before a mod sees it. Then search about dbol alone. If you really want to run it alone syke has posted some good info, but I doubt you will gain anything worth while.

  3. please elaborate on what you're trying to do with along with age weight lifting experience body fat percentage your training method being used (i.e. sets/reps/weight) and diet. Along with ancillaries, liver support, and post cycle therapy. Can't really say "Hey good deal make sure ya eat yer Flintstones with that!"

  4. Don't do it alone that'd be a waste of time and money.

  5. Plenty of info if you search. Please search and research then feel free to ask questions that aren't open ended.



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