When do you use an oral in a cycle ?

  1. When do you use an oral in a cycle ?

    Hi bro

    I m french and my english is not very good but i often try to read your thread in this forum

    I like to do very simple cycle, simply test... but this time i wanna use an oral...

    so should i take it in the begining of the cycle (to kick) or to the end (due to the fast half life etc...)?

    need advice


  2. Either or, of course taking into account your goals. If your cycle is a bulker something like a classic Test/D-Bol cycle could be a right choice (Superdrol is a great choice IMO here as well). If it is a cutter you may leave the oral until the end and choose something like Var. What is the goal if I may ask of this particular cycle?

  3. it s for a bulking cycle something like test ethanate 500mg/week for 12 weeks then pct

    i can have superdrol i think i will get it for the 3 first week so...

    it s just my 2nd cycle but i lift wheight for more than 10 years

    it s close to the cycle you have done before in another thread no?

    thank for the answer

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