1. dmso

    i received my bottle of t4 in the mail (great shipping time). i have some very simple questions.
    1) how exaclty do i mix in the dmso so that i can make sure it is even distributed throughout the bottle. i feel like just pouring the dmso into the bottle with t4 and just shaking it up wouldnt cause it to dispense equally, like alot of would just stay on top or whatever.
    2) will adding the dmso to the bottle lower the shelf life of the product
    3) how much of a difference does adding the dmso make as far as abosrbtion. for example if the absorbtion rate with dmso is 20% how much less would it be using the lotion without the dmso aded

  2. Just pour in the DMSO and shake the piss out of it. Personally I shake my lotion every other day while taking the product. I've noticed if it sits to long it sits at top. But like I said just shake everyday a little or every other day and it'll be fine. DMSO makes the absorbtion rate higher by about 20%. It's def worth adding it.

  3. I shake it up good before every application.

    What do you guys think about adding 36ml of DMSO instead of 24ml to a 240ml bottle?

    I handle the DMSO well and was wondering if that would help with absorption even more...

  4. I'd say stick with what they provide. They do it for a reason.

  5. They give you 24ml because anything over that has not shown more absorbtion. Late



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