Any places for Canadians to obtain nolvadex?

  1. Any places for Canadians to obtain nolvadex?

    I've been on a superone+ cycle for the last few weeks, and things had been going great. I am up 10 pounds, and hadn't experienced any bad sides until a few days ago. My nipples have been red and puffy as of late, and that has me pretty stressed out at the moment. Gyno is certainly not something that I need to be saddled with. I have learned the hard way that I should have had some novaldex on hand, but didn't realize that I would be succeptable to estrogenic sides in this manner.

    I have a few bottles of 6-oxo on hand that I was going to run post cycle for recovery purposes, but from what I gather this isn't going to be effective for reducing the puffy nipples that have popped up. I checked out liqua solutions but they state that they do not ship outside of the US as of yet, so that means of obtaining nolva is likely out. Do any of you Canadians on the board know where I'd be able to obtain some nolvadex? I would definitely like to get my hands on some asap!

    Does anyone here know if formastane is going to effective at all in clearing up the puffy nipples that I'm experiencing at the moment? I could obtain that easily enough through 1fast if it will be effective for this.

    Damn, I guess the most valuable lessons in life are the ones that are learned the hard way. Never again am I going to run aromatizing anabolics without an appropriate aniti-e on hand, stupid me! Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Here is a good lesson to always have your stuff on hand before starting

    Have you tried the other liquid research places?

  3. I just ordered a bottle of liquid clomid from got it in two days...did give me any conformation e-mails or even a recipt

  4. I just fired off an order to liquidsolutions. I sure hope that they can deliver to canadian addresses, and I'm hoping to have the nolva by sometime next week.

    In the meantime I'm going to run 6-oxo at 600 mg a day, combined with an ec stack of 10mg eph/100 mg caff every 2 hours. Hopefully the mild anti e effects of the 6-oxo and the diuretic effects of the caffeine will help somewhat here.

  5. Yo bro, check your pm's, i can help you out.

  6. Originally posted by max silver
    I just fired off an order to liquidsolutions. I sure hope that they can deliver to canadian addresses, and I'm hoping to have the nolva by sometime next week.

    In the meantime I'm going to run 6-oxo at 600 mg a day, combined with an ec stack of 10mg eph/100 mg caff every 2 hours. Hopefully the mild anti e effects of the 6-oxo and the diuretic effects of the caffeine will help somewhat here.
    The eca may make the gyno less noticable because of less water but the gyno will still be growing and problematic! Hiding it does not get rid of it or mean it is not getting worse! I would suggest stopping that so you can check how well the 6-oxo is working to fight the onset.

    Here is a good thread for how to use the 6-oxo for anti-gyno

  7. I've already decided to cut my superone+ cycle short, tonight was my last dose. I just couldn't resist getting one more workout in before I end things. I was just saying that I am going to run the e/c and 6-oxo as a go between until I get the nolvadex.

  8. Gotcha I wasn't sure if you were stopping the superone+ or not. I thought if you were going to keep going and depend on the 6-oxo to control gyno that leaving the eca out so you can see exactly how the gyno is coming would be a good idea.

    Sorry you had to cut your cycle short man

  9. No problem man, I probably wasn't that clear that I was going to cut the cycle short. No doubt about it, gyno isn't something I'm about to **** around with!

  10. isn't 6 oxo a suicide aromatase inhibitor anyway. if so it would work to prevent gyno, but only if you take it before it happens. if you have gyno, then nolvadex will help since it competes with estrogen for binding and removes the effect of the estrogen, basically it is a blocker because it binds stronger to the receptor, but has no activity so it prevents estrogen from working. however, this will not take care of increased estrogen. if you want to deal with it to get more gains, then fine, if you want to get rid of it, you have to use an aromatase inhibitor like 6 oxo, or formasin, or aromazap or a pharmaceutical compound.

  11. Crazypete, I can't really say for certain whether I do actually have gyno at this point or not, but my nipples definitely don't appear normal most of the time. There is the possibility that I am overreacting at this point and the swelling and puffiness could be due to localized water retention. I can tell I am retaining water like a mofo right now, and am quite curious what the next few days will show if I shed some of that extra water weight.

    When I do eventually use the remaining half bottle of superone+ I will be running some sort of anit-aromatase during the cycle, I don't need to go through this kind of hassle again. I'll certainly give up a certain percentage of the possible gains as a tradeoff to the estrogen sides. Aromazap seems like it might be a decent option for on cycle as it's pretty cheap at the recommended dosage on the Syntrax forum.

  12. I am not sure how much aromazap costs but have you considered a liquid form of nolvadex? It is pretty cheap and serves two puproses. If you start getting gyno during the cycle you can use it to counter it and continue the cycle and if you don't use it during cycle it is good for recovery post cycle.

  13. I do intend to have novaldex on hand before embarking on another cycle, but I think I'll save it for an emergency situation such as I'm faced with now, as it may not be the easiest thing to get across the border. The aromazap is only about 25 bucks or so from what I've seen, and I think that at Syntrax's recommended on cycle dose level I could use one bottle for an entire month cycle. At that price (if it indeed does work as advertised) I think it would be more prudent for me to save the novaldex for when I really need it.

  14. Puffy and itchy niiples is NOT gyno. Its a sign of increased estrogen in your body. Gyno is hard lumps that don't go away. I always get itchy and a little puffy nipps. I like it cause its telling me everything is working right. the 6-oxo would have helped alot if you continued to use it in the cycle. it sucks that you stopped but its your choice. I would have just ran the 6-oxo in the cycle when you got worried... Talk to ya..
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  15. ****, now you tell me that Curt. Although your input certainly is helping alot to ease my mind at this point, I think I may well be overreacting to my situation. I just didn't want to be taking any chances with gyno, as I'm a few days off my cycle I don't notice any hard lumps at all, although there still is a bit of swelling apparent. If things don't die down on their own before my nolva arrives, I'll be running it until the swelling does go away.

    I'm not too overly concerned about cutting the cycle short early, I did get 2 weeks out of it, and since it was my first transdermal cycle I am pretty happy with how things went. Cutting things short just means that I will be starting a cutting diet sooner than I would have otherwise, as much as a month sooner. I have a few bottles of 1-ad, 60 300 mg 1-4 andro tabs, one bottle androspray, half my bottle of superone+ left and a few bottles of one+ on hand. ****, that's alot of prosteroids and prohormones!

    I think I'll be running 1-ad and 1-4 andro for four weeks after an initial 2 weeks of cutting clean, maybe to finish off with the rest of the superone+ for 2 weeks with increased calories to pack on some muscle at the end of the cycle. At any rate I should look quite a bit better 2 months or so from now

  16. Cool. Good luck.. Talk to ya..
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