What would be the "Drier" cutting cycle??

  1. What would be the "Drier" cutting cycle??

    Whats up guys. I was wondering what ya'all thought would be a better cutting/recomp cycle that would give the least water retention and keep my libido intact/not shut me down as much. either: Superdrol and prostan and adex (.25mg/ed)

    Or Phera Plex and Prostan with adex (.25mg/ed)

    Would the Prostan be enough to keep me from being bloated w/ the SD and Phera? do you guys think arimidex is necessary?

    I'm planning future cycles so i can know what to stock up on before all the PHs are banned, and i want to buy some good cutting cycles. Thanks guys

  2. hey man ... just thought id give you my experiences with some of these real quick..

    pheraplex worked absolutely amazing for recomp for me... UNREAL

    prostanozol as much as I liked the drying effect of some areas ie my chest, tris.. i noticed a good amount of water held around the midsection, a friend of mine also noticed the same thing with him

    ive never used superdrol, i would imagine recomp would be good but cutting on it would be absolutely horrid due to the glycemic issues when low carbed

  3. superdrol is best suited to a bulk as tops said. Phera is very androgenic so many get a lot of bloat, although tops said it was good for his recomp which brings me onto my main point which is that from all the reading I've done these PH's seem to vary in thier effects from person to person.

    If I was a betting man, I'd say the safest bet for a re-comp/cutt would be M-TRN. Most report no bloat, fat loss and increase in libido; some report hair loss at higher doses and loss of libido.

    Prost needs to be doesed at 100+ before you see any benefits and it takes a while to kick in.

  4. thanks for the info guys. anybody else have any input?

  5. I would go either Halo/m-trn or M-trn/zol,anything you decide to do i would use trn ,it is extremely effective in cutting,it is an awesome compund.

  6. Bro aren't you under 21?

  7. He's only 18. No one give this guy advice.

  8. How do you know he is 18? nothing on his profile

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Markio
    How do you know he is 18? nothing on his profile

  10. fair do's, you have a good memory!

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Markio
    fair do's, you have a good memory!
    I dont know if its that, or that I just spend way too much time on here.

  12. speaking of him being 18...those pics are pretty impressive

  13. hey bro... look if you read my original post i said i'm stocking up on **** before it all gets banned... i'm still natural, and dont plan on hittin the sauce prematurely, no worries there. Theres a shortage of all of these PH's at the supp store i work at and was wondering what ya'all though would be good to get for a cutting cycle in the future. Thanks for your concern tho... i appreciate it guys. Thanks - HTTC

  14. 3 years is a long time away..... Who knows what will be out in that time.

    I'm sure as hell glad I didn't stock up on boron.

    and regardless... rules are rules and you are not an exemption due to putting off use. Research silently.

  15. i understand. sorry to infringe on rules fellas. oh, and its 19 as of today woohoo! so 2 years till i turn to the darkside.


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