High blood pressure and decreased blood flow to you know where.. study.

  1. High blood pressure and decreased blood flow to you know where.. study.

    Incidence of erectile dysfunction in 800 hypertensive patients: a multicenter Egyptian national study.

    Mittawae B, El-Nashaar AR, Fouda A, Magdy M, Shamloul R.

    Department of Andrology, Sexology and STDs, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt.

    OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the incidence of erectile dysfunction (ED), its severity, and other sexual function domains in 800 Egyptian patients with hypertension. METHODS: All patients completed a detailed questionnaire addressing their general medical history, with special emphasis on hypertension (ie, duration of hypertension, type of antihypertensive treatment, compliance, and presence of any complications). Sexual function was evaluated with the International Index of Erectile Function. RESULTS: The mean +/- SD patient age was 59.2 +/- 2.3 years (range 28 to 75). Of the 800 patients, 739 (92.3%) had regular sexual activity (one to two times per week) and 346 (43.2%) had ED. Of the 346 men, 40 (5%), 96 (12%), and 210 (26.2%) had mild, moderate, and severe ED, respectively. A highly statistically significant correlation was found between the duration of hypertension and the duration of weak erections. Only 41 patients (12%) with ED reported receiving erectogenic drug therapy. CONCLUSIONS: Our results have shown a greater prevalence of ED in the Egyptian hypertensive population. The presence of another risk factor in addition to elevated blood pressure can increase the incidence of ED further.

    I am thinking this is the reason that despite the higher libidio on test. and its various esters, many report slightly less penile hardness. I read something about high blood pressure and the hardness of it being proportional. Another reason to stick with those blood pressure supps!

  2. Good info LakeMountD...everyone should be aware of bp on cycle, especially with a hormone that aromatizes.


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