mega/methoxy-trn at end of test cycle

  1. mega/methoxy-trn at end of test cycle

    guys i'm about 6 weeks through my test/dbol cycle, and so far my gains have been great. i've managed to put on 15 lbs. so far and my strength gains have been nothing short of incredible. i was considering adding tren acetate to the end of my cycle, for the last 6 weeks or so, but decided that it is too powerful a compound for a first cycle. winny and anavar were also considered, but winny's effects on your joints, and anavar's cost to benefit ratio turned me away. as of now, my mind is set on taking a legal oral for the last 4 or so weeks of my cycle. unfortunately i have no mohn, but i do have superdrol and have access to methoxy/mega-trn. i'd rather not go with superdrol due to all the delayed-gyno talk. so what do you guys think of adding in methoxy-trn to the end of my cycle to help lean me up a bit?

  2. Dont add anything there is always a threshold of what you can gain in certain point of time. Testostrone also would be optimum, just calories high, and increase workout volume. you dont need to risk stacking two orals at the same cycle. If you insist on using another compund in you cycle use a fast acting injectable like EQ-prop, or NPP.

    Plus you should have planned ahead your cycle, had every comound you need, and thought every thing carfuly before starting a cycle.

  3. for me it sounds like good replacement for winny
    i am planning to run winny at the and of my cycle test 500 1-12

    another thought anybody tried to jump start test enthante cycle with metoxy tst

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