Another bust... Georgia, Kentucky, Texas and ????

  1. Another bust... Georgia, Kentucky, Texas and ????

    Deputies discover illegal stash of steroids in county

    A tip from a Texas law enforcement officer has led to the investigation and subsequent arrest of a Decatur County man reportedly involved in dealing with illegal anabolic steroids, according to Chief Sheriff’s Investigator Frank Green. Green said Decatur County law enforcement agencies were contacted by the Texas officer in regard to shipments of the illegal steroids, which were reportedly being shipped to a Decatur County resident, Brandon B. Johnson, 23, of 141 Hand Road, Bainbridge. Investigator Chip Owens continued the investigation, and, following the delivery of a package of the drugs to Johnson, placed him under arrest.

    A search warrant for Johnson’s house was obtained, Green said, and as a result, officers discovered and seized the illegal anabolic steroids as well as other drug paraphernalia, including some which the investigators have yet to identify. The officer said the drugs apparently came into the United States from Mexico. The Texas officer also told Decatur County officers that a similar package of the steroids was sent to an address in Kentucky. Green said that the investigation is continuing and more arrests are pending. Johnson was booked on four charges of possession of controlled substances and one charge of possession of marijuana.

  2. Well Decatur County I think, and I stress think, would be Georgia.. but there might be one in IL

  3. Yeah I got the Georgia thing, hopefully no one else will caught in this one.

  4. I hope everyone here has planned quick disposal systems for material as wel as electronic goods!! Think Conspiracy Theory with Mel Gibson in a condensed version. Think Magnetic Strippers for the electronic speed destruction.

  5. Decatur County is in texas. its north of the dallas/ft worth area.



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