exactly how dangerous is it

  1. exactly how dangerous is it

    to shoot mct oil intramuscular? is it more or less dangerous then juice? this i of course under the assumption that all necessary precautions are taken such as aspirating.

  2. bad idea, i wouldn't do that or recommend it

  3. Are you talking about making your own SEO?
    What sort of Alcohol are you mixing in the mct and how much?

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  4. I know almost nothing about injecting oil into muscle, but it just strikes me as dangerous.

    When you inject AAS, at least the human body is designed to have hormones circulating through the bloodstream.

    The human body was not designed to have 'pools' of oil inside of a muscle.

  5. leave it alone, build muscle the right way, EARN IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Locking this up.


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