1 ad without 4 ad

  1. 1 ad without 4 ad

    is it absolutely necessary to cycle 4 ad with 1 ad? what i am trying to get at here is, mainly i here that the 4 ad is for loss of sex drive...so if i dont lose my sex drive on 1 ad..is the 4 ad necessary?

  2. no its not necessary, BUT highly reccomened because you will more than likely lose youre libido and have some major lethargy with 1-ad alone. some other bros here are more informed than me but thats the basic of the story

  3. anyone else?

  4. It is well advised, or you could skip 1-ad (unless you already bought it) and use 1-test. It is cheaper and what you are trying to get 1-ad to turn into.

    The 4-AD is a definate plus to energy and anti-lethargy but you don't have to do it. Just going to be tired most of the time, work outs are much better with 4-AD.

  5. what brand of 1 test?

  6. Either brew your own or buy some from BDC. Learning to brew should be everyones goal right now as PH's will not be around forever.

  7. I think 1-AD without 4-AD is like selling VCRs in Amish Country......

  8. I agree with yellowJacket. You really lose libido 1-AD alone. Excellent pumps and great results, but even better stacked with the above!
    Hope this helps.

  9. I ran 1AD alone and had SOME lethargy and my libido was only slightly inhibited. Just depends on the person.


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