Strength cycle with what's at hand

  1. Question Strength cycle with what's at hand

    What's going on guys. Great Board. This is the situation, I would like to do a cycle geared more toward strength gains, but my resources are limited to these:

    Unlike some guys Whether i gain size or not isn't a problem, but i want to keep bloat at bay and harden up a little.

    This was kinda something I was thinking.

    wk1-2 m1t @ 20mgs ed+ 1g 4ad (orally)
    wk3-9 m14add from 150-250mgs (ramped) +600mgs 1ad+ 200-300mgs 3-alpha (ramped)

    -my concern with this stack is the androgenic affects of the 1ad and 3alpha. Are they wisely stackable? Are 3-alpha & M5aa stackable or is it dht overdrive?

    With the items available could you guys shed some insite on this cycle.

    Once the stack has been set. I will post a log with pics and the whole 9.

    height 6'4
    weight 245-250
    body fat around 18%
    training history 5 years or so

    Liver and Prostate supps are in full effect so that's covered. Pct got nolva on hand.

  2. tattoopierced1
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    if you are taking M1T, then I would definatly watch out for bloat, as that seems to be a common side effect. Why not go with Superdrol, it has a drying effect and is great for strength. I'd much rather take SD than M1T for numerous reasons, toxicity being number 1. Also, I would NEVER stack M14add with M1T...not smart.

  3. No money for anything but what i got listed. The m1t and m1,4add aren't at the same time. But any other ideas would be welcolm. Thanks.
  4. tattoopierced1
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    i realize they are not at the same time...but if you value your liver, I wouldnt run them back to back anyways....that was what I originally meant.

  5. you have all that stuff, but you can't cough up $25 for superdro? gimme a break

  6. If you want to harden up and increase stength, then use 1test, MOHN, and 3alpha

  7. To oldspice, I bought all this stuff preban.
    If 25 bucks is such small potatoes, why don't you buy it for me.

  8. to tattoopierced I appreciate what your saying. It's good advice that i'll heed. Thanks.
  9. tattoopierced1
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    Quote Originally Posted by shyguy1
    to tattoopierced I appreciate what your saying. It's good advice that i'll heed. Thanks.
    just watching out for your liver....

  10. I'm thinking:

    1 test
    4 ad
    m4ohn (30-50mg ed)
    m5 for the last 3 weeks

    Not knowing how much powder you have available I can just tell you I would run high doses of everything....


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