1. Cutter

    Hey Bros- Happy Holidays

    I am doing a cutter listed below:

    Tren 100mg EOD
    Prop 100mg EOD

    I just want to keep as much muscle as I can as I diet down.

    Here is what I need help with. I am going to Cabo in Jan, staying a week, and do not want to go off cycle because of depression and libido. I want to push Cyp 200mg/ml before I go with the longer ester and then do PCT when I get back after finishing the cutter. I know Cyp takes a while to kick in. How much and how long before I go to cabo whould you say to push the Cyp. I am thinking 1000mg the day before I leave. I am not big on going through customs with gear on me or in my bag. So cyp is my solution. I have plenty of gear so let me know what you would do.



  2. i'd suggest getting on cyp now with the tren, and gradually phase the prop out. seeing you're using 350mg of testprop a week now, 500mg of test cyp should work nicely per week. the day before you leave, just inject 2 doses of cyp totaling 500mg and you should be fine for a week or so. then resume injections upon your return.

    this is all speculation on my part, but it makes sense to me.

  3. I was actually doing the prop/tren to avoid the bloat of the longer esters. Most of my experiance is with short ester like prop ace and susp. I dont have adex. Will nolva keep the bloat down with a cyp/tren combo?

    THanks Bro


  4. eh, i always refer to glen with staying lean alongside long esters. he got ready for a show on enan, got down to ~3% i believe. bloat isn't an issue for some, you may be a lucky one too. as for nolva, i don't believe that will do anything for bloat. adex or letro will be your best bet. board sponsor CEM carries letro

  5. Thanks BBB



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